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Totalism Cooperative

### could be "hackbase cooperative"

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A manifesto/introduction for future cooperants.
If you are interested in partnering as en employer, see 🔗coop-works.
### rewrite to have clearer separation for both types of co-operators:
    employers (aka "work-givers" aka "customers" aka "clients")
    both/ambiguos = parnetrs, co-operants, co-labourers
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    20200817 →RFC+


The Totalism Cooperative organizes very acceptable labour, to provide for the minimised subsistence costs of self-directed lives, typically within hackbases.
### [!] explain base
### focus is on working minimum hours, and offering a quality, but accessibly-priced labour, to exciting and agreeable employer partners.

    * How?
        Via mapping great or at least 🔗non-shitty work-givers — progressive NGOs, academia, or companies, grants, etc — the cooperative finds & coordinates work that:
        * is meaningful and ethically sound, supporting progressive causes
        * is an involving & learning experience, individually and for the collective
        * meets consensus-established standards, serves common goals

    * The need:
        Hackbase life contributions are typically ~400€ / month.
        There is a growing network of bases Europe-wide.
        To subsist and have maximum freedom: both as free-from, and free-to.

    * Economics of mutual interest:
        * Employers, the cooperative & cooperants harmonize on their wider goals.
        * Labour compensation is typically set ~20€ per hour.
### "comradely rate"
        * Thus, cooperants without dependants need to work ~20h / month to sustainably live in a network of bases; the rest is freed up.
 to hack on other projects, learn, travel, teach, political activation, etc.

    * (...only inside bases?)
        More must abandon typical rent relations!
        There are a wide variety of bases, and similar spaces.
        It is however possible to participate in the cooperative from other, specific existing and stable living arrangements.

What we do

See → 🔗coop-works
    * per-hour consultation or project work
    * "Free/Open source" projects (donations, paid deployment & maintenance)
    * public, research & artistic 🔗grants
    * "commercial projects" or "commissions"
    * [...]

Main ideas
### [!!*] merge with above

### is repetition
    Work for mutual goals
    Employers, the cooperative, and cooperants harmonize on:
        co-production and organizational culture,
        political, social and environmental attitude,
        supply chains responsibility,
        release licensing,
    In the same way also, recursively, employer's co-operants are considered as well
### could merge above to "mutual interest of employer"

    Work within a consolidated network
    The harmonization also considers associations and partnerships.
    An organization's stated goals are pointless if they are serving unaligned organizations, at any level of recursion.

    Work for less money
* Cap payment at providing subsistence:
    Makes work more accessible to aligned employers, and expands our pool of available meaningful work.
    Above the cap, share an investment pool → 🔗postmarket.
    Life financials in bases → 🔗subfinance.

    Work less
    Provide a framework to commonize labour & leisure property, reducing life costs.

    Work integrated
    Scale is more effective than replication.
    We are encouraging the integration of 🔗coop-alike.
    Small disjointed units, with redundant organizational workloads, are struggling within the existing market economy.
    We prefer to see larger-scale integral cooperatives, towards increasingly autonomous economies.
<-- "work = export, spend money = import"
### explain "Totalism" name ... rather than island of consensus, strives for a growing consensus

    Work inclusively
    Protocols > Chatter.
    Onboarding of new people is done as clear processes.
not community deliberation.
    Organisational barriers that delay participation are minimized.
from being "inside" or "outside".
### could merge as "less risk" with "comradely rates"

    Work is deeply political
    See → 🔗commonground.

Cooperate !

Send a short introduction with —

    * Current work or study status, and ideas about your future direction

    * Skills & interests, or a CV

    * General ideas about bases & cooperatives
, and its counter-capitalist mission

— to info@totalism.org.

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