Hi from Lanzarote!

CHT7A is already under way. The work plans & ideas are on - as always, an open-edit document. So far, beyond catching a lot of sun, we have been doing a lot of laptop work on documentation. Most of the material is internal for now, but will result in a "2.0" website in the coming weeks. If you want to review some RFC (request-for-comment) docs, that would be great, just send me a mail. We are living "Urban camping" style in the van, while we wait for it to be fixed/upgraded. Probably by early next week it will have a new left suspension spring & front tires. We should then be moving to Fuerteventura (the nearest other Canary Island) by ferry & set up a series of desert wilderness camps.

If you have time, you should be able to fly in easily:
... From Berlin: 43€ (Dec 4), etc
... From Brussels: 23€ (Dec 3), etc
... From London: 26€ (Dec 1/2), etc
... From Paris: 47€ (Dec 5), etc
... From Venice: 46€ (Dec 6), etc
... and so on!

After then end of year break for CCC comes the second subseason (CHT7-B), as usual January to April. Now might be a good time If you need to plan in advance.

P.S. For current weather, see !


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