A study of where it might be beneficial to legally reside, get paid for labour, etc.

    20160504 first draft @squatconf
    20161105 umbrella review
    20191210 moveover @cht7a (arrecife taller)
    20200720 touch

Ties to ...

    * 🔗coop: "where to base the hacker coop so € extraction works well, legal protection of work, etc"
    * 🔗hacking-housing-pad: "where to build hackbases given legal context"
    * [...]


    * Health Insurance

Costs? Coverage?
    * EU seems pretty integrated.
    * Slovenia: 25€/month if unemployed + 25€ for "additional" (currently private)

    * Labour Tax system

Get paid with paying less taxes, or pay them to a place that would spend them better.

    * ... in country of residence
    * ... outside of this country in general
    * ... outside of this country in specific other countries

    * Public funds
        * unemployment
        * grants (art / startup / education ...)
        * [...]

    * Address registration
        * (do you even need one?)
        * Urbanism/house law ("what can you build", etc)
        * how to obtain?
        * how to continue continue having it?
        * Do you need a mail address?
        * What happens if you register as "homeless" where are they gonna send your mail to?
        * are there countries where everything works digitally or by Email and you don't need a Mail address for physical Mail?

    * Corporate / business matters

Corporate tax, incorporation, financial management, control structure framework ("cooperatives" etc).

<----------------- (new) CRITERIA ↑

Scopes & Jurisdictions

Either investigated, or todo !!!

    * First limit this to EU:
        ... because otherwise we are going down the rabbithole of how to get a residency permit in a certain country

    * Look at specific countries (or even, smaller jurisdictions):
        ... maybe they are especially beneficial for certain objectives

    * ... maybe somebody would be happy to have us? :-D

    * [...]



    * Spain / Canary islands
    * Have to register for DNI after 90+ days
    * Special tax (no VAT) + special zones
    * ???

    * Slovenia


    * Germany

berlin people have a lot of problems going to Treptow or somewhere to fix their documents lol

    * Belgium

simple vzws are pretty powerful ???
>lies !!!!!! 

    * Portugal

(+ww has some info)

    * Estonia
    * they have this e-residency
    * "For example, e-Residency would allow an Indian entrepreneur to establish an Estonian company that he runs from Singapore to serve clients based in Germany. He'd also be able to use his digital signature to sign contracts with customers throughout the European Union. All of it would be done online, remotely, and completely hassle-free."
    * [...]

Other ideas/trajectories

    * marrying people for (getting/giving) documents

There was an art project (exhibited in Contemporary Gallery in Slovenia) about this?

    * problem of double taxation

(with some combinations of countries) - if you are earning money?

<---------------- (new) ideas / trajectories

*** PAD


    * it seems some countries citizens can be paid directly ("by contract"), like SLO ?
    * ... while others might need a sole proprietorship / "one man company", like DE or NL ?

... Work in Germany !
    * (<gamambel) ~ "you don't need SP to do creative work... web design OK, web development more difficult"
    * for most "jobs" if you want to freelance you have to register as 'individual entrepreneur' (Einzelunternehmer)
but that's a simple formality and takes like 10 minutes + 30 euro, something like that
    * [...]
    * "you also need an office space i think? my friend at KuM has a problem with this as he'd need to somehow re-classify part of his house and somehow that's rough"
    * [...]
Also see CHT🔗KKM !

the case of


pay taxes somewhere where they are spent better

some places have participative budgeting:
    * decidim @barcelona
    * general →
    * [...]

<----------------------------------- ((new))

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