On stewardship of P2P Facebook Groups

David Potocnik for Michel Bauwens

As posted:

    1) on the P2P/Commons politics and policy group →here (2020-09-12)
    2) on Twitter, here
    3) on the P2P Left group → here
    4) on the main P2P group → here (2020-09-13)
    5) report on P2P Left (2020-09-24) → https://www.facebook.com/groups/544959562590360/permalink/1103493413403636


[#meta #governance] I will be brief. 
Michel Bauwens I believe the relevance, diversity, and congeniality of the P2P groups which you are administering has again reached a low-point. The current and deteriorating situation with you as a BDFL ("benevolent dictator for life", in free software terms) comes short of the "P2P" title. 

I am inviting solutions but accuse you in calm

[↓1] of, in combination with your position of power per your de facto autocracy (you are the sole administrator), [↓2] your commonly toxic and divisive red-pilled posts are continuously purging people by attrition

[↓3] of not recognizing (neither problematising - especially in a P2P group) that it is irresponsible and dishonorable for an admin to keep a mandate without clear consensus

[↓4] of not recognizing the groups are in trouble, seeking an ends-oriented conversation about resolving this

I speak only for myself, but invite support. That said I recognize a significant fraction of a historic P2P unity had already deserted this space. I again invite lurkers to express, as well, but [↓5] representation is lost and not just every emboldened howling wolf, but also the administrator as a protector of decency, must recognize that.

At this point I am challenging you personally Michel Bauwens to [↓6] acknowledge that the group & indeed the term "P2P" - both as a field of research and practice, and its presence and reputation in the public sphere - has been built as a collaborative undertaking and is a commons!

Following from that: [↓3B] Your special peerage is not natural, all in your position should seek a mandate for stewardship. To say nothing of its effects, the current autocratic governance model of the groups is ill-fitting with conceptual P2P.
(Frankly, this is a lost scholarly and practical opportunity as well, and should be considered as pitiful).

As you are an indisputable P2P scholar and the current administrator, I invite you to [↓7] break the current situation, and trigger a constructive and continuous process of reconfiguring the P2P forums, involving & extending to appropriate stakeholders, considering & adopting appropriate processes. Whatever the outcomes, ensure a mandate for the legitimacy of the stewardship is sought in P2P manner.

Finally I assume we agree that though immediate changes can and need to be made inside this environment, [↓8] there can be no true P2P sociality within Facebook Groups (whatever that could be). I am aware of sporadic lively debates on this, but also of evident lack of effective leadership to bring it to action. This needs to change too - immediately with a sustained collaborative work and experimentation, and in mid-term with a full migration away from this rabidly non-P2P space.

TLDR: I propose you need to acknowledge you are not consensually recognized as benevolent anymore, resign to a transitional role, and help peers figure it out. Thank you and please by all means keep participating as a peer.


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