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* 🔗list-20170508: Big CHT5-A report + photos (with extensive linking); CHT5-B announce; Totalist Cooperative; E2h ("Etherpad hypermedia system") & glia-graph; Content Release v2 announce

* 🔗list-20191128: CHT7-A: invitation, urban camping update; invite to CHT7-B

* XXX🔗list-20191228: [UNSENT DRAFT, REUSED]: general status + invite to CHT7-B
* 🔗list-20200104: CHT7-B announcement (general status, "looking for drivers", etc)

* 🔗list-20200918: CHT7-B updates (moved to El Jablito @ Fuerteventura, sketching Season 8, new E2h directions); rc3 announce; Telegram group invite

* 🔗list-20220429: Report from HT22 (in Kranj, SI); also reports from CHT7-B/C/D (Fuerteventura) and CHT8-A (@KHG); invitation to collaborate on E2h/mima22

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