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      C   /   H   /   T    
        Y        I       O      
          B        P       T      
            E         P       A      
              R          I       L      
                            E       I       

Dear comrades, hello from after 36c3,
Happy New Year!,

The Chaos Communication Congress (Leipzig/DE) just ended, and we are on our way to the next hackbase subseason:

*** CHT7-B: January 4th - March/April 2020 ***

Are you free right now? No work, or can take a vacation? You should join - flights in EU are 50€ one way, and a week of life at the base costs only around 100€.

TRUCKO, the mobile base van, is road-ready. First we need some luck to figure out moving the project's storage to a new place. Then, we plan to go to FUERTEVENTURA (the nearest other Canary Island). *Nobody was ever there!*, so expect setting up of a series of off-grid desert wilderness camps in these weird undiscovered territories. The main focus will be on mapping the social, technical, cultural and natural schemes there, to keep up with CHT's main goal: to explore, prototype and document cheap, no-job & no-rent (aka "post-capitalist") ways of living, for people that are interested in actually doing this kind of things right now. We will also continue to look for land to buy, to set up a more fixed location.

You are invited to join the crew of paranormal operators;
an operator can be *anyone* that wants to try  this lifestyle, to work on improving it, and make it less improvised and precarious. Next to the typical survival and social stuff, there is ample computing and tech time, reading books, hanging out at the beach, trekking the volcanic deserts,  writing protocols (to make basic co-ordination of daily activities simpler), etc.

RIGHT NOW  we are URGENTLY looking for drivers for January! So if you think you could come spontaneously in the next few days, please let us know.

As said, flights are always cheap. Check for more info  (select "view whole month!").

If you have any more questions, would like help to find the right flight, or have any suggestions, feel free to mail .

See you in 2020! Hack the planet!

P.S. Current weather is 20-25°C and it is sunny every day. See !

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