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This is the Planning pad, for people interested in coming to the next CHT hackbase Lanzarote events in 2020.

Send a mail-
to the mailing list or to

Write yourself on this list-
sooner is better, so more people can co-ordinate to be there at the same time.  Edit here: [...]

Support the project-
and pay a membership (⁂). The project collectively manages the common equipment, which needs to be ordered and paid in advance.

Fix travel- 
Good time to buy a flight is a few weeks in advance, but often works last-minute too. From everywhere in EU should be ~20-100€.

Read the newcomers guide-
See 🔗newcomers, and create a personal preparation pad.


    Add at least your Name/nickname and e-mail.
    Also helpful: More active contacts (IRC/Wire nickname, social media - mastodon/twitter/...),
    Where you are coming from,
    APPROXIMATE TIME you could come,
    Flight info (if you have it yet).
If you have privacy concerns, please use a pseudonym, and send the other info to the mail. You can also use GPG with .

Miko & Krystian
15-22 Feb, we land at Fuertaventura 

    CHT7-B (Janury-April 2020)

Jan 4th - Mar 25 2020

Send email to !

For Archive, see 🔗planning-archive !

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