Buying a 🔗laptop  

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Please choose, sending to :

* Configuration:
    One of the models from 🔗laptop.
    If important to you, also specify any of the details (x220/x230, storage options, etc).
    (If you don't have special wishes, just say your budget and needs. You will get a reccomendation!)

* Extras?:
    (see under "Extras" section in 🔗laptop)

* Transport option:
    A) Mail transport inside EU ... ~15€
    B) Personal delivery (ask if possible) ... ~5€

* Customer type:
    A) For an EU company ("B2B"):
        in this case, it is very likely possible to supply the laptop without tax
    B) As an individual ("B2C"):
        please add 20% tax to the price
    C) no (direct sale):
        potentially possible in some cases

* Payment type:
    A) IBAN transfer ... please see 🔗middlemachine-pay for all details
    B) Alternative transfer ... please ask!:
        Paypal / Crypto currencies / ...

* Also specify...:
    * Your exact shipping address !
    * Any deadline dates for delivery?

You will receive a reply with the quote.
Please confirm the quote, and only then, pay as agreed.
After we receive the payment (or proof of payment), we can continue with ordering the parts, assembly & shipping.

For any other questions, please ask on mail.
Have a great day!

    * better way to pick options + extras in general !!!
    * Tablet option
    * IPS option