Hypothes.is is used to simply annotate the website.



* Visit this site on a computer

* On the right side, you can see the hypothes.is annotation pane:
    (open via the "<" button in the top-right corner)

* Create a new account:
    (or login, if you already have one)

* Join the totalism.org editorial hypothesis group

* Back on this site, switch to the correct group in the right side Hypothesis pane:
    (replace "Public" for "totalism.org editorial")

* Is this line now highlighted?
    (It should be)

* OK - to show you were successful, make a comment (Reply) on that annotation:
    Make sure your comment is set to post to group, not "Me Only"!

* Setup done. Access some pages & annotate them.

Accessing pages with hypothesis

* Choose any page on totalism.org you would like to annotate:
    Maybe start by picking something from 🔗RFCs.

* Add "&hypo" to the end of any link on the totalism.org site:
    For example:
    → https://e2h.totalism.org/e2h.php?_=ecology&hypo

* OR! :
    go to https://web.hypothes.is/start/ ,
    and get the Bookmarklet or Chrome plugin.

* Make lots of annotations. Thanks!

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