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Methods for independent readers (anyone!) to help improve page quality of totalism.org.

Site goals:
    * be a real resource to people
    * reference sources
    * look minimalistic and great

    xxxxxxxx orig
    20200716 overview
    20200831 overview

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Using the tool

hypothes.is is used for this - a website plugin, with which you can make annotations on top of the website.

    * Visit this site as normal, on a computer:
        (mobile phones precarious for this, though possible with some extra complications)

    * On the right side, you can see the hypothes.is annotation pane:
        (open by the "<" button in the top-right corner)
    * Create your new account:
        or login, if you already have one
    * Join the totalism.org editorial hypothesis group (open in new window)
    * Select the correct group in the right side-pane:
        (replace "Public" for "totalism.org editorial")

    * Is this line now highlighted?

    * OK - to show you were successful, make a comment reply on that annotation:
        Make sure it is set to post to group, not "Me Only"!

Pages to mark


Giving useful feedback

    Try to understand the intention of the document
    Is it trying to:
        * inform?:
            did you understand the intention?
        * convince you to make something?:
            in this case, "yes i agree and will do it", "no i don't" 
            ...... is there informing without change?

Maybe docs could express this more clearly as well.
#Postliberal #hyperliterature ...

Mark, using hypothes.is:
    * the good parts:
        what you understand & think is great / important
    * the bad parts:
        A) ???:
            you don't understand at all
        B) MEH:
            Is cringe and should be deleted
        C) SHORTEN:
            could be shortened by rewriting
        * [...]
    * suggest improvements
    * [...]

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