The Totalist Cooperative is a work & lifestyle system. It should enable you to: quit your current job and rent, live in a network of self-organized bases, and to cover that with <40 hours of meaningful, relatively 🔗non-shitty work per month that the co-op provides.
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For employers:
    What we do → 🔗coop-works

For co-operants:
    The manifesto → 🔗coop

The cooperation agreement → 🔗coop-agreement
Hacky extra-legal paid "cooperative labour" agreement.

More information? →

General systematics

Other similar initiatives. → 🔗coop-alike

Relatively non-shitty organisations to work for. → 🔗non-shitty

Hacker grants! → 🔗grants

Locality legal review, countries and international. For individuals (work laws, etc), for institutions (companies, cooperatives), etc. → 🔗postbureaucracy

Crowdfunding & crowd-payment services. → 🔗coop-funding

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