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Basic Information

Name: Elisabeth (Lies) De Laet
Nationality: Belgian
Birth date: 24.12.1988, Vilvoorde/Belgium
        Dutch: native
        English: fluent
        French: elementary
        Spanish: elementary
        German: beginner
Phone: +32493741146 (Belgium)
Personal website: Lies Portfolio (under construction)
Public social media profiles:

1995 - 2004 | primary & first part of secundary education
2004 - 2008 | De Kunsthumaniora, Lier (BE)
2008 - 2010 | Bachelor in fine art & design, Sint Lucas Antwerp (BE)
2010 - 2011 | Master in fine art & design, Sint Lucas Antwerp (BE)
2011 - 2012 | Master of research in art and design, Sint Lucas Antwerp (BE)

Current status

Available for employment in arts, visualisation, consulting.
Working as a part of 🔗coop, can invoice easily anywhere in EU.



    Art & Design

Scenography & exhibition productions
    Curation and production of the "narrative space"*
### D: what is this "narrative space"? how can you curate and produce it?
Illustrating, drawing and 2D representations
    Chart-based autonomous drawings and illustrations, analytical and automatically generated images
### D: huh? ... examples? tools?
Housing & interior (living environments)
    Setting up and organizing co-living and co-working situations and their atmospheric qualities
### pink house / sorry vzw (long term / short term ... different uses of a place and how to optimize)
### "LIIIm3" aka "53 square meters"


    Researching and practicing experience, diy & auto-biographic educational models

    Humanities | Collaboration

Practices on education and knowledge exchange
    Workshops, performative lectures, spatial knowledge representations (expo ↑), guided walks, exercises, self-organization, etc
Social and behavioral aesthetics
    RelationalAesthetics3.0, collaborative creation-processes, performativity, scripting and protocolized environments and interactions
### D: huh?
Sharing economy and cooperatives
    Experimental and alternatively organized economies and working conditions

    Soft DIY

In-house publication, printed matter, multiples, editions
Product design
    Plasticity and tactility-based sense for a wide variety of productions (art / exhibition / publication / etc)

    Sound / studio

Voice works
    reading of texts for recordings of performances
Cooking & catering
    Catering for events and groups, organizing of communal kitchens
    Performative / story-based food installations, "secondhand" food productions

###(D:) L:" this part i should delete"
Totalist productions
In which at least all of the above qualities are involved in the production of any type of work


    Current projects (2008-)

2019 - present, artist & operator at CHT /, Canary Islands (SP)
2019 - present, artist at School of Love (BE)
2017 - present, Wellness Center Future Proof, artistic wellness productions, with Katinka de Jonge
2016 - present, Atmospheric Measurement Program (AMP) (more personal research practice)
2015 - 2018, Sorry vzw (BE)
2014 - 2015, BIN, artist-run space, co-founder, Turnhout (BE)
2013 - 2015, LIIIm3, artist run-space, co-founder, Antwerp (BE)
2013 - 2014, RAUMTE, artist infrastructure, with Traffic / Lokaal01 (BE)

      Transmedia projects & research
2021 - ongoing, Talking Houses - the DIY art-residency as artwork, with CHT / (SP)
2021, portable archives, with Erin Helsen for the Postnatal Art Planet, S14, Antwerp (BE)
2021, Designing Schools that Love, with SOL, BUDA, Tvier Freinet school, Kortrijk (BE)
2020 - ongoing, extra body vzw, as part of the Totalist Coop project
2019 - ongoing, R2A, as part of the residency at C.C.Q.O., Antwerp (BE)
2019, The Last Meeting, co-organizer and participating artist, Verbeke Foundation, (BE)
2016 - 2018, De Belly, artist-run space / research platform / open kitchen, co-founder, Antwerp (BE)
2016 - 2018, Sorry Label (
2013 - 2016, Project Der Dingen, with Valerie de Ghellinck, De Kringwinkel, Antwerp (BE)

      Participatory presentations & workshop (initiator)
2022, Hypergallery with CHT/T, Kunsthal Gent, Gent (BE)
2021, Base Coordinates, with CHT/T, Kunsthal Gent, Gent (BE)
2021, Crash course in Politics, 3-day Masterclass with CHT/, PXL MAD Faculty, Gent  (BE)
2017, On labor is a crime - underground connections as artistic strategy, Masterclass & lecture, Sint Lucas Antwerp (BE)
2017, Chaos Yoga - a bike ride through the harbor, Antwerp (BE)
2017, Working is Crime, 10 sessions on art & labor, de Belly, Antwerp (BE)
2017, Pitch Talk: Sorry / Sorry Works 4, Antwerp Art Convention, Antwerp (BE)
2017, Tinkering with adults, De Belly, Borgerhout (BE)
2016, The Pink Parade / Sorry Works 1, Antwerp Art Weekend, Antwerp (BE))
2016, WE DEMAND ICE (the creation of the ice), De Belly, Borgerhout (BE)
2016, WE DEMAND ICE, De Belly, Borg, Borgerhout (BE)
2016, The Water Treatment, Incapacitated & Unauthorized, Sorry en Volle Band ensemble, Antwerp (BE)
2013, Soil tissue, Children's art factory, C-Mine, Genk (BE)
2013, I am a straight line, textile workshop in Steiner School, Leuven (BE)

      Participative presentations, performances, workshop (participant)
2021, Learning to Share, worksession by Club Solo, Kunsthal Gent, Gent  (BE)
2021, lecture with CHT/T at Extra Academy, Het Bos, Antwerp (BE)
2021, lecture with CHT/T at KASK Gent, Gent (BE)
2019, Designing Schools that Love, 10 week worksession and public presentation, Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE)
2019, Networks with an Attitude, workweek with Constant vzw, (BE)
2015, Mobile Autonomy, Summer School, Middelheim Museum, Antwerp (BE)
2013, Inter Format Symposium: on critical tourism, site-specificity and post-romantic condition, NAC - Nida, Lithuania - 16/05/2013 - 19/05/2013
2013, Warp Artist Village, Warp vzw by Stef Van Bellingen, C-mine Genk
2013, Un-fixed (Iconostasis 150), project, with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, Nico Dockx and Yona Friedman, Kask - Antwerp (BE)

      Solo exhibitions
2021, Kunsthal Hackbase, CHT/, Developement Programme, Kunsthal Gent, Gent (BE)
2018, The Open Source, Wellness Center Future Proof, Lodgers, M HKA, Antwerp (BE)
2017, The Whether or Not Assumptions, Merlyn T. Miller (AMP), Paris Texas, Antwerp (BE)
2016, The Turner Treatment (AMP), Het Kabinet, Ciap, Hasselt (BE)
2012, Framework, Chateau Mercier - Sierre (CH)
2012, Framework, Ecole Cantonale d'Art du Valais - Sierre (CH)
2010, Eden project, Antwerp (BE)

      Group exhibitions, performances (selection)
2020, Enter Through The Void, Exit Through The Gift Shop, Campo, Ghent (BE)
2019, TOZ - a social media box, (…) alternating narratives, Sint Lucas Antwerp, Antwerp (BE)
2018, AirSpace, (with Katinka de Jonge), Eriazo - art practices from residual space, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel (CH)
2018, The Barbarian Citizen, Display, Berlin (D)
2018, The Open Source, Wellness Center Future Proof, Lodgers, M HKA, Antwerp (BE)
2018, The Open Source, Wellness Center Future Proof, Poppositions, Brussels (BE)
2018, Recipes for Earthly Survival, WORK FLOW, Sint-Niklaas (BE)
2017, Tox and Detox: The Open Source, audio-visual presentation, with Karina Beumer & Katinka de Jonge, Naples (I)
2017, Sorry Label, Label Market, Het Bos, Antwerp (BE)
2017, The Garland Strategy, with Katinka de Jonge, C.C.Q.O., Antwerp (BE)
2017, The Manual Treatment, Wellness Center Future Proof, The unreliable Protagonist, Netwerk Aalst (BE)
2017, Snakbar, performative (edible) editions & multiple shop, Entrepot, Bruges (BE)
2017, Het Sorry Plein / Sorry Works 5, De Belly, Borgerhout (BE)
2017, The Sorry Party, De Belly, Borgerhout / Tenace, Brussels, In De Ruimte, Ghent (BE)
2017, Trojan Summer (snakbar), Sorry, Network Aalst, Aalst (BE)
2017, The dogs bark / the caravan moves on /, Keistraat 1, Antwerp (BE)
2016, Porn In Antwerp / Sorry Works 3, Born in Antwerp, Antwerp (BE)
2016, De Nieuwe Lucht / Sorry Works 2, Air Antwerp, Antwerp (BE))
2016, Mineral Treatment, How to document a performance, Belgium Performance Festival, Brussels (BE)
2016, Convexations, VARIA, Antwerp (BE)
2015, Views from above, BIN, Turnhout (BE)
2015, Accidental Colors, BIN, Turnhout (BE)
2015, Chomiak, De Laet & Ramaekers, gallery Marion De Cannière, Antwerp (BE)
2014, A poem a day - calendar presentation, Mu.ZEE, Ostend (BE)
2014, Youth! Portraits of artists between freedom & fight, Maison Particulière, Brussels (BE)
2014, Tout va très bien, merci, + ion-, Zurich & Kasko, Basel (CH)
2014, Project der Dingen # 1, with Valerie de Ghellinck, Lokaal01, Antwerp
2014, Traffic # 1 - but I'm a lousy conformist so I put it here, with Raumte - Central Station, Antwerp (BE)
2014, If it fits in, it goes on - Poppositions, with Raumte - Old Dexia building, Brussels (BE)
2014, Traffic # 3 / Mutatis Mutandis, with Raumte, Gallery Marion De Cannière, Antwerp (BE)
2013, Shame! (hide & show), Errorone, Pianofabriek, Brussels (BE)
2013, Zwerm, co-organizer, co-curator and participating artist, Secondroom, Antwerp (BE)
2013, Jawohl, Nein Gallery, Black hall, Ghent (BE)
2012, Ornaments, bHart - Festival, Antwerp (BE)
2012, Kokerjuffers, curated by Nico Dockx, Extra City, Antwerp (BE)
2012, A + B - exhibition, co-curator and participating artist, with Kitty Bons, Studio Start, Antwerp (BE)
2012, The hole in art (on holes, bumps and darkness), Hans Theys, Gallery d'Apostroof - Deinze (BE)
2012, QR codes (the absence of work), with Sarah Hendrickx, Muhka, Antwerp (BE)
2011, Der Raum, with Lore Clarys, Antwerp (BE)
2011, Blind date, Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp (BE)
2010, K60 / Mobile Unit, Scheld'apen, Antwerp (BE)

      Publications: in-house published editions, multiples, books, also online
2019 - present, research published at
2019, Designing Schools that Love, with School of Love, Brussels (BE)
2019, TOZ, multiple, edition of 3, with Katinka De Jonge (BE)
2018, The Open Source, Wellness Center Future Proof, multiple - edition of 75, (BE)
2016, De Nieuwe Lucht, Sorry, Antwerp (BE)
2016, Convexations, VARIA, Lokaal01 & DeKringwinkel, Antwerp (BE)
2015, Views from Above, edition of 200, BIN, Turnhout (BE)
2014, Index TR_L1Traffic # 1 Library, Postcard, 250g, Antwerp (BE)
2014, Project of Things # 1 - 2, 35cm x 35cm, 80g, Antwerp (BE)
2012, Framework, reproduction of a pencil drawing, edition of 200, Ecav (CH)

      Publications: contributions
2021, Samenschool Calendar, second edition, Antwerp (BE)
2019, T (E) = Art / Energy informed by time is art, number frequency 13:20 / Cosmology (…) (as depicted in 2017, PinkHousePapers, Pink House, Antwerp (BE)
2017, The dogs bark / the caravan moves on /, Antwerp (BE) the Field of Dark Matter), Collectors Item - calendar 2019
2015, Accidental Colors, BIN, Turnhout (BE)
2013, Installation image - Surrounded by subtle sculptures and in the center: Leon Vranken, Harmonie, brown envelop A4 with contributions by different artists, Antwerp (BE)

      Publications: listings in externally authorized books, articles, etc
2019, LODGERS - Sustainability is not Enough | Non-Conventional Organizations and Initiatives, M HKA publications
2019, Watching, Tasting, Thinking: Essays on Art, Criticism and Philosophy, Lijster T.
2018, Offspaces # 6 - Sorry, Antwerp, Vermeulen P., Flanders Arts Institute
2018, Watery Stories in the Anthropocene, Thrush T., Recto Verso
2018, “art fair without white boxes”, mention in newspaper Time 
    → https: //

2019 - present CHT7A-B-C-D, CHT / hackbase, Canary Islands (SP)
2017 - present, artist in residence at C.C.Q.O., University of Antwerp (BE)
2019, New Yorck im Bethanien, Berlin (D)
2019, Nowa Huta, Krakow (PL)
2019, VillaDelfia, Antwerp (BE)
2019, IHI hackbase, Kranj (SL)
2012, Chateau Mercier / Ecav - Sierre, Switzerland

      Comissioned works & jobs
Curation, art-organization, etc
2015 - 2017, gallery assistant (communication, website design and maintanance, publication design, opening catering, ...)
    @Marion De Cannière, Antwerp (BE)
2015, organizer & curation of Master-expo, with Karolien Chromiak & Dennis Ramaekers
    @Sint Lucas Antwerp (BE)
2014, organizer Trafic1, exhibition and bookshop, 1 month event with up to ~50 participating artists & organizations
    @Antwerp Central station, with Lokaal01 and 
2014, intern @Rasa, exhibitions for childeren and teens
2014, assistant @contour biennial for moving image, Mechelen (BE)
2013, intern & assistent @Chaldea Kilim gallery, Antwerp
2012 - 2013, intern & assistant @Lokaal01, Antwerp, BE

Cooking & catering
2016 - 2019, catering for Permeke Library events, with up to 75ppl
    @Permeke Library, Antwerp (BE)
2018, catering during exhibition of Johanna van Overmeir
    @private house, Antwerp (BE)
2016 - 2018, monthly catering for C.C.Q.O. meetings, 10 - 15ppl
    @De Belly, Borgerhout (BE)
2017, performative catering installation with "Wellness Centre Future Proof", for up to ~200ppl
    @WorkFlow exhibition by Wim Wauman, CC SInt Niklaas (BE)
2017, catering for ARIA seminar, with up to ~75ppl
    @De Nieuwe Tijd Theatre, Antwerp (BE)
2016, performative catering installation with "Wellness Centre Future Proof", for up to ~150ppl
    @Netwerk Aalst (BE)
2016, performative catering with "De Snakbar" (De Belly), for up to ~150ppl
    @Netwerk Aalst (BE)
2016, variety of catering sessions during events with up to ~75ppl
    @Pinkhouse artist house, Antwerp (BE)
2015, assitant cook during 10 day summerschool, 3 meals/day for up to ~75ppl
    @Mobile Autonomy, Summer School, Middelheim Museum, Antwerp (BE)
2008 - 2009, assistant cook
    @Fanterlok restaurant, Mechelen (BE)

Other "shitty-job" experiences
2018 - 2019, shop assistant @Chateau Blanc, chocolate shop, Antwerp (BE)
2014 - 2016 & 2018 shop assistant @Belgian Heritage souvenier shop, Antwerp (BE)
2007, shop slave @Carrefour, Zemst (BE)

Early work and life experience (pre- 2008)

* Intense experience in the organization of sociocultural activities for children and teens (both in primary & secondary school)
* Highly acclaimed curation and organization of exhibitions and workshop-projects (both in primary & secundary school)
* Organizer of DIY and DIT archeology, anthropology and bio-research projects (both inside and outside of school)
* Lifelong experience with practices of care, the commons and kinship in relation to non-binary family constructions and community situations

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