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This page is to gather informations for the nomadbase meeting in Munich

if you add or edit info, especially your own, please write a short summary of what you´ve done in the chatbox

Here is a map list (google, I beg for forgiveness): http://www.kapklan.s5.com


NoMeeting date: 10th April

ADD ME ON richard.flett41 on skype to join

NoMeeting time: 10am - whenever, there are no rules...

NoMeeting location: 
- Maybe bea's place yeah sure!
- Skype/google hangout for teleconferencers 

Facebook Event:

Things to discuss:

1) Breadcrumbs webzine
2) Physical zine
3) Expanding nomad bases concept
3.1) why didn´t nomadbases spread more so far?
3.2)- what distingiushes nomadbases from massive hosting?
3.3) practicalities
3.4) "everyone is a host"
3.5) nomadbase-stories
3.6) how much can/should nomadbases be based on personal enthusiasm?
3.7) - what is a nomadbase?
3.8) Upgrading nomadbase.org
4) Squats & cooperatives vis-à-vis Nomadbases


comments beforehand (to be more UnPrepared at the NoMeeting and also because i forget whatever i don´t write down):

1) needs to move to another blog platform (wordpress?)
    The old one: https://breadcrumbs-zine.posterous.com/
    breadcrumbs was a project started end of last year, basically because sébastien is far away in southern america and we wanted to start somekind of common project. didn´t work out so well though... and posterous is closing now.
    I will collect the few stories that were on there and am going to suggest just using them for the physical zine.

2) free printing possibilities anyone?
    mh... how important? could work on it. (only black and white though)
    not so important, i mean this is the last step
    Robin has experience with that. "Random roads".
    I have a type writer and 500 pieces of paper, it is a really inefficient start... -richard
    In greece there some collectives running inside squats and can print stuff

3) Expanding nomad bases concept

    3.1) why didn´t nomadbases spread more so far?
(what´s the problem with the concept as done in casa robino or a-flat). how can it be something like a general idea that´s in travellers minds, rather than just being the project of some enthusiasts (since if it would depend on some people´s enthusiasm it´s like with fossil fuels, it´s an extremely limited ressource). not sure whether this is something that´s depending on our talking about it, but i think, depending on how you introduce people into the idea, eg everyone staying at your nomadbase, is crucial. to make nomadbases "sustainable" (in the sense of how they use the energy that people can put into their projects) it needs to go viral amongst travellers. people stay at a nomadbase and get to know how to do it, they shouldn´t need to start from scratch (cause that enables nomadbases to exist in short-term renting situations).
a way of spreading could be a mixture of introducing people in nomadbases into the concept and creating a leaflet or zine on "how-to"

    3.2) what distingiushes nomadbases from massive hosting?
(this is also important  because of the motivation, a lot of massive hosters are creeps and a  nomadbase is not about just surrounding you with a massive crowd of  random people, so an important point to be discussed here is also  exclusivity. just judging from a-flat, we were not at all "open", only  once people were invited, than the flat was wide open to them). this  also already leads to the next point: 

    3.3) practicalities
not sure about bea´s experiences ( well, it didnt may seem so, but i had some reasons to stay here, and to not stay at my parents place for that while which im really glad for that i felt that. were not the most concrete reasons but the decision got me on a lot - and although there was a week where it was really hard to get the whole flat going and i would have to dumpsterdive all by myself and everything got just more dirty, now its working really good - mostly i guess because of people who stayed here longer than a week and supportive people who adopt really fast like squatters) now, but at a-flat  (especially at times when we both still went to uni) it was crucial to  have long-term guests who take over responsibility of handling new  people and generally decreasing effort for the hosts as much as possible  (they open the apartment because "it´s just there", but it´s just there  not because they want to open a nomadbase but because they have some  reason to stay at that place like a job or uni or whatever project, and  the nomadbase shouldn´t make it (much) harder to still follow that other  project - this is still about the enthusiast problem)

    3.4) "everyone is a host"
 i´m also dropping the everyone is a host talk, since it´s easier.  hosts pay rent, guests don´t, and imho that difference shouldn´t be  talked away, because it´s one of the lines which makes into an  enthusiasts project, since the host/s would need to play that they are  equal, which in fact they are not (they are in the contract and pay), so  their ideology would need to fix that reality, so they´d need to have  some sort of special ideology in the first place). it still doesn´t mean  that guests can´t host, of course they can (if they stay at least as  long as their guest or until "their" guest is no "nomadbase-toddler"  anymore)
 (i disagree on this point, i've been to casa robino and the rent there was in general paid by donations from guests, the host, robin would just jump in whenever we wouldnt meet the amount. so i would say that every1 is a host works fine, as long iis there is a donation box and ppl can help with paying the rent.) this is a really interesting point to discuss, i´ve never been to the casa. i just think that it doesn´t play such a central role in the concept of a nomadbase, since a-flat worked without it but it´s central part of the definition on nomadbase.org

    3.5) nomadbase-stories
 for a possible zine, maybe talk about/collect stories that come with  some sort of a "nomadbase-moral". sounds evil, just trying would be nice  to have not just random stories of how awesome nomadbases are, but also  stories that told something important about nomadbases (just thinking  of the "taken =)" story - by just telling the story you automatically  also tell something about territoriality in nomadbases)

    3.6) how much can/should nomadbases be based on personal enthusiasm?
in  the end, i already positioned myself against nomadbases as projects of  enthusiasts, but that´s actually an important thing to discuss

    3.7) What is a nomadbase?
"a shared place by travellers with an open-door-policy for travellers."?

A nomadbase is a communal living space, whose main purpose is to give long-term travellers the opportunity to have a place they can call home for free and without long-term obligations, where they come to (and leave) whenever and as often as they want. It is a place where they are not guests, but flatmates, no matter how long they stay. As a side effect of this, it furthermore accomplishes to connect long-term travellers amongst each others and creates a space where it is also easy for less-travelled people to meet and connect with each other. ***(maybe take this out, maybe not) Nomadbases are based on the principle of abundance rather than scarcity-mentality, prevalent in main stream society.**** They can be set up wherever there is an abundance of space, which is whenever someone rents an apartment, etc. If you had a car and would see hitchhikers, you´d pick them up, right? It´s the same principle with renting a flat. If you do so, you can open it as a nomadbase. Apart from that, all efforts are shared. Arranging food (be it dumpsterdiving or buying, depending of the possibility of the region), cleaning, cooking, keeping the place tidy, repairing stuff, building new stuff and so on are the joined responsibilty of everybody currently staying at the nomadbase. Also everybody is supposed to care for the other persons around, respect their needs and make them feel welcome and included.

    3.8) The website nomadbase.org is old, out of date, full of spam and every nomadbase is now closed on it.
For nomad bases to grow there must be an online presence as that is the most efficient way of spreading the word. Pretty sure guaka is the one in control of this. 

apart from being outdated, the site didn´t have a working concept. i think a concept that aims more at facilitating offline networking would be necessary (eg making it easier to establish connections between bases and bases and long-term travellers).

4) Squats & cooperatives  vis-à-vis Nomadbases
Many squats operate like nomadbases without carrying the official status of a nomadbase, without anyone having the status of a host and without travelers talking about these places as nomadbases. They are, in essence, temporary homes to people who occupy them. However these people are well-connected social animals who live for free and thus these places tend to attract travelers.
- Should some squats be included in the nomadbase network ?
- Should people be equipped with squatting skills (opening a squat, maintaining a squat, dealing with officials, interpersonal skills, cooking, cleaning etc)?
- There are really cool cooperatives all around the world which are also very much like-minded. I actually found some places which is really felt were like nomad-bases, it's just about building a network and connecting them to a bigger something. (Agreed. It would help to expand the nomadbase network if the concept of a nomadbase was not that rigid but a variety of different project could be included. Therefore I suggest a more inclusive definition of a nomadbase for discussion: "a shared place with an open-door-policy for travelers.")
i don´t think it helps so much if we broaden the definition in a way that included other "nomadbase-like" forms, as long as they don´t know about that. the thing is that squats and nomadbases have some kind of overlapping "target-audiences" but not completly, so even with the same definition, they could just be like to parallel universes, eg the milieus of long-term travellers and activists. but i think as well that the, lets call it "social customs" of nomadbases could be brought especially to squats (would be nice anyways if travelling and activist milieus would get closer together)  what i mind mostly, is that, there are places which are pretty much nomad-bases without knowing it (Yes, my point exactly!) or really similar like the donation-based zen hostel in gainesville, florida. the owner knows a lot of similar places all around the world. he knows casa robino and so on, and out of that, he got the mindset to make this up i think.  but many people just live like that and just don't know about nomad bases. (e.g. Mihai Bursesc in Salasu de Sus, Romania, has TWO open houses where everyone is welcome but it's nowhere advertised as a nomadbase. https://www.couchsurfing.org/people/luzaru/)
i think only some of all squats and cooperatives have the potential, but they definitely have, or already are nomad-bases without knowing it. dont you think?

- I think a major difference between a squat and nomad base is that usually the legality of the squat is pretty questionable, so squats don't want to advertise really at all, so you need to be highly connected to arrange a stay at one. Whereas the nomad base has usually has some form of connection to a BW/CS profile hence random people can gain access much easier. The nomadnetwork website would be where this gap could be filled by having the network as an invite only or some kind of really high level of trust involved so that average 'going on a holiday for the weekend to metropolisX' doesn't request to stay at your illegal housing project, but people can still find out about more open spaces. And of course the fully legal wanting thousands of people to stay can just use BW as always.

but as i say: cooperatives! they are legally rented and everything. do you guys know at all what im talking about? mostly some of the members have hospex profiles too, but through that they are kind of tricky to find.  - definitely agreeing with you richard on the squat thing!

in that case all it needs is someone who stayed in a nomadbase to go there and say "hey, you are a nomadbase. if you wanna know more, look into this nice little brochure ;)" and put them on the map/lead other travellers there.

A cooperative can mean a lot of things... Like from economical co-op to a housing one, but that doesn't mean they necessarily host.

Yeah, housing cooperative. Of course not, but they are more likely to do so. There are some awesome ones out there.

- How to replace the white sausage in the traditional Munich breakfast with vegetarian/vegan alternatives :) mh..mushrooms! always works. for everything. at least calorywise you could just drink a second beer instead of the sausages. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!! i don't like mushrooms that much... it's not the same :( Is it just me or is the whole world eating tomatoes and cucumbers together? that is true. it's about the only veggies that form a "salad" in kazakhstan for example. When you eat too much pasta it makes your poop like glue.


Ok, let's split this pad and write new things from the discussion here:

Item number1 on the discussion:

no one writes any fucken articles! - what can  we do about that?
So the breadcrumbs zine is going to be moved to tumblr if we want to continue it? 
But the idea is that we move it all in to a physical zine that incorporates nomadbases ideology with the travel stories and then use that to distribute around to zine fests and other things

Everyone has to write a travel story in the next 24 hours for breadcrumbszine.tumblr.com

i fnished mine, lets not publish them all in a bunch though

I think lot of people just don't know what kinda stuff to write. 
The solution is to just start writing and practice a lot and then eventually it will make your writing really good and you will just splurt out something fantastic and that will go into the zine - so what kinda of things get included in the zine? stories. yes. i know. recipes?yes, i like! .ideas for projects? plans for travels? games? photos? yes. links to really cool websites, projects, stuff? (links aren't the best idea in a physical zine cause you can't click on them), so a link to a website that is a portal with lots of links - cool projects you encounter? 
BEA HAS STARTED DOING IT ON TUMBLR (took a while and everybody left.. but lets go on, richie!)

    What to do with nomadbase.org?
It would be awesome to just set up a by-invitation-only-network. People can contact different housing projects, and also, squats and peaceful cooperative houses feel more invited to share their space as its not completely public.

Unite. Rich and me were talking about that - like on the Casa Robino site - people who are in the network / stayed somewhere should also contribute. With that, a flow of posts would go on, which we could easily use as a base for a zine.. something like that?

    So for the "new" nomadbase.org, we wanna...
- keep the old front page of news (btw, after one year of no activity, it got a new post of commonground collective! amazing ) why? i don´t think a page that stores news somewhere on the web is of any use. for news we could use a bewelcome group, and a facebook group and maybe also a mailinglist. i think the main purpose of the webpage should be to facilitate networking. eg be a database of nomadbase activists, who´ll travel to bases and help them, and then some general info that doesn´t need update and are also available in printable format (zine)
- make a login section
- make a section apart from the public section, within the login, for squats/collectives/etc. who choose not to get public as it sucks for a squat; so yeah, bases can choose to wether be completely public like before when put on nomadbase.org, or to be more like, just visible to the community. the community will automatically grow and more awesome places will be added as the nomadbase principle works. that's it.

- OK So nomadbase is going to get a change, just need access to it.(and some consensus with everybody..) And will probably put a version of buddypress on it and then have a front page with a blog and then some about pages, and then a sign in section where you can 'network' with your fellow nomads.

* not sure if it's a good idea to switch to buddypress, esp. want non-public information and keeping existing data
* I propose upgrading the site to drupal 7 so all existing content and users are still there
 * will also simplify the entire setup, now there are a dozen content types
 * folks with drupal skills welcome to help
Is there a good social network module for drupal? ie, to have a profile and be able to make 'friends' or something with others and to be able to send messages to one another?
  profiles are mostly in D7, and there's http://drupal.org/project/privatemsg 

When is drupal 8 coming out?
"when it's ready", but it usually takes another 6 months after that before most important contrib modules are ready


Proposal: Me, richard, hosting a hackathon in berlin over an upcoming weekend, where probably no one will be apart from myself and we upgrade to drupal 7. And redesign/upgrade some nomadbase.org shit!

Can I link to one of your profiles from http://nomadbase.org/2013/04/10/reviving-website? :)

OK hackathon will be best from the 22nd of april till 28th, at my place 

* ESPECIALLY NEED A PERSON WHO HAS SOME INKLING OF DESIGN SKILLS TO PROPOSE SOMETHING THAT LOOKS NICE.... i can implement it no problem, but it will look like geocities if i design stuff. (geocities was quite successful ;p)
* someone with basic cms skills who wants to help ditching all the spam accounts and possibly spam content 
* testers
* guaka might just be around for a day or so :)
* basic D7 upgrade at http://nomad.de7.pr9.nl:8080/todo

Cool. I actually thought of starting the upgrade now, so I'll post about that. Still, go ahead with the Berlin hackathon! It's nicer to start with a D7 site already that has only the basic stuff from the D6 site now.

facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/470076503065816

    1/2) Breadcrumbs should consist of:
- stories
- with photos
- an about section
- a postcard section!
- stuff/activity: links, guides, books
- an "who" section (if merged with other website with login)

Solution: make a nomadbase.org smoothie. PERFECT FRUIT FLAVOURS!

I second the postcard section!!!! (Lisa)

    On nomadbase ("purpose")
People can post place they have been that are sort of like nomad bases and therefore can promote it as a nomadbase if they would like that on nomadbase.org
Nomad base activist members, people that are willing to go to new nomadbases and help set them up for a period of time.

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