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Live tactical "radio" on the interwebz every TUES night !
20:00h ( CET ) til late

And some times popping up on other days !
Check the Chaos Pad for updates:

Or the frackybook page:

Anybody wants: https://meet.systemli.org/stammtisch Audio/Video Virtual stamm.

thx for that, will try next time :)

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IF you hear nothing on the stream links, it's b/c we are not streaming 24 / 7 ... only when we are in the studio... We should put a little ON-AIR RED Light on the stream page, for when we are ON LIVE. 

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++ 26.5.2020 : GRK: Episode no.8 : All of the Above, All of the Below 

ADDed NOTE: we didnt get very far on our themes, but we can continue with the 10 Chapters again next tuesday...
and meanwhile we will continue to add some resource LINKS:

like this incredible one about 5G from Rhizomatica:


This episode is likely a continuation of our themes about this neufeudalism depiction of our current socio-economic and technodystopian mess...

Plus we will continue with another round of sci-fi soundtracks, including some the Afrofuturism genius of Sun Ra... and some more contemporary descendents like Moor Mother. 

And trying to stay on top of the corona times analysis, we found some excellent likes from the Wu Ming collective:

Pandemic war diaries - Of mice and humans
By Sebastian Lotzer
17 May , 2020 ... ( Use DeepL translator for Eng. ) https://non.copyriot.com/pandemie-kriegstagebuecher-von-maeusen-und-menschen/

in Eng :

( thx to whover pasted it )

We have decided to go for the strategy to overload the brain machine organism, thereby breaking the machine and leaving the organism intact... a purification perhaps... an experiment:

++ 26.5.2020 : GRK: Episode no.8 : All of the Above, All of the       Below 20:00h ( CET )
( see Chaos Pad link there for more resources, and feel free to       contribute ! )
The (impossible) Chapters:
1. the pandemic war diaries ( Sebastian Lotzer + Wu Ming )
2. of mice and MEN and 5G
3. of PLAN-demonium
4. conspiracy candy
5. of MATRIARCHAL futurism
6. Scott Draves, creator of electric sheep art (+ distributed       computing, trojans? )
7. Neofeudalism 2.0 ( Wark + Dean )
8. Eric Li on TED ( re: China”s Capitalist Communist       Corporatocracy ? )
9. putting the ART back in RESISTANCE
( anarchism + marxism + individuation + the commons + poetic       navigations ) 
10. Sex in the time of Cholera ( Liquid Sky Fall 2.0 )
+ Music: lots of sci-fi soundtracks and afrofuturism !

Incredible resources:

On 5G:


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++ 19.5.2020 : GRK Episode 7 : The Neofeudalist Platforms 
20:00 ( CET ) til late

The chapters:

and we go fwd with our GRK programs, in raw and wild style... 
2nite we will dive into a mash up of HEAVY MATERIAL.... 

1. Jodi Dean"s review of McKenzie Wark"s latest "Is Capitalism Dead ?..." 
+ 1.2. Wark"s promo interview with Verso. 
2. Neofeudalism, here we are ! 
+ 2.1 technotopia throws labor under the bus 
3. Jodorowsky"s Techno-Priests 
4. Rupert Sheldrake"s challenge to the "priesthood" of Big Science 
( mechanistic worldview ) 
5. the Bubonic Merry-Go-Rounds ... Frank Snowden on the history of medicine and a scholar on fascism... 

too much to handle in one show, but we will experiment with the chaos... 

  PART 1

Jodi Dean

Wark / Verso promo interview
the long version (20?min) https://invidio.us/watch?v=eiV0wS_in-4

Astra Taylor"s The People's Platform ( 2014 )

  PART 2

Perhaps as a dual theme:

Analyzing the " materialist ideology " that has determined the course of the scienceS ... and thus our technologically-dominant 4th industrial revolution now under way. 

Ruper Sheldrake's book The Science Delusion ( or Science Set Free , title of the US version to avoid that it would be seen as a rightwing tract that was anti-evolution and anti-climate change ) he skillfully makes clear how a particlar ideological understanding of Nature is part of the methodology of our techno-colonial subjugation, whereby living organisms are turned into biological machines,  and other "languages" of being, experiences and possibilities of other sciences are ruled out.

And old review of his 2012 book:
( not a science writer, but a decent overview of the controversies )

From the final chapter:
Scientific Futures

The Sciences are entering a new phase. The materialist ideology that has ruled them since the 19th century is out of date. All ten of its essential doctrines have been superceded. The authoritarian structure of the sciences, the illusions of objectivity and the fantasies of omniscience have all outlived their usefuleness. 

The sciences will have to change for another reason too: they are now global. Mechanistic science and the materialist ideology grew up in Europe, and were strongly influenced by the religious disputes that obsessed Europeans from the 19th c. onwards. But these preoccupations are alien to the cultures and traditions in many other parts of the world.

... the sciences as (also) taught in Asia, Africa, the islamic countries and elsewhere are still packaged in an ideology shaped by their European past. Materialism gains its persuasive power from the technological applications of science. But the sucesses of these applications do not prove this IDEOLOGY is true. 

Excerpt from Chapter 2:

The meachanistic theory is based on the metaphor of the machine. But it is only a metaphor. LIVING ORGANISMS provide better metaphors for organised systems at all levels of complexity, including molecules, plants, and societies of animals, allof which are organized in a series of inclusive levels, in which the whole at each level is more than the sum of its parts, which are themselves whole at a lower level. Even the most ardent defenders of the mechanistic theory SMUGGLE purposive principles into living organisms in the form of the selfish gene or genetic programs. In the light of the Big Bang theory, the entire universe is more like a growing, developing organism than a machine slowly running out of steam.

to be cont.

  PART 3 ?!
And if we are crazy enough, it mght make sense to put the Jododorowsky Jodoverse into the mix...

His collaborations with the graphic novel worlds to make The Techno-Priests could be very useful here.


  PART 4:
Frank Snowden
bubonic plague, measels, small pox, measels, yellow fever, and the Haitian Revolution !

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Just as we sat down to hunt for Xtra music for 2nite's GRK themes , our  comrade dj Elmo Lewis posted a tribute to Peter Thomas who died a couple  days ago, the composer for Raumpatrouille and many soundtracks. Since  the river theme worked so good for last week"s show, to have a focus...  NOW hunting music for.......  Sci-fi FiLMS and TV ! ! ! ... and all  sci-fi related music !


And if anyone can find a good oline version of Mr Bungle's cover of Thomas "Love in Space" ... we might have a prize for YOU !

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++ 12.5.2020 : GRK Episode #6: The Hyper-Industrialized Rivers of No Return ?! ... 
20:00 ( CET ) til late

1. songs about rivers
2. topics about whether we can GO BACK to an existence in balance with nature, or are we headed ever deeper into an anthropocenic and man-made mess, a technodystopian nightmare, a hyper-industrialized slavery to feed the machines ... and accelerate the plunder of earth ?

The bullshit cliches of "we can't go back", assumes that we are on a path towards progress.  But if any human life form walks into a burning theater, there is clearly only a couple of intelligent responses: to either put out the fire or to exit as quickly as possible !

Naomi Klein's article on the SCREEN NEW DEAL
tells alot about what we are facing as corporate and state tech go headlong down the gruesome + very predictable trails of control, control, control... the virus of control !

more thoughts, feedback, resources...
to be cont.

    <------ (Add YOUR IDEAS + Links)

Peter Gabriel - Washing of the Water




Recently the XLt Analysts got into some debates as to whether China is ALSO going down an extremely problematic path of destroying environments + habitats around the world to feed their needs/addictions for economic growth, enegry and resource extraction for all the consumer goods that they produce for the world markets. And they may have the most ambitious global development + moderization + infrasturcture projects around the world. And are already building and/or proposing a vast number of ( hydro-electric ) dam projects - some  the largest - of any other international investor. 

The positive news is that they are investing in the most ambitious green innovation projects of any other G20 country. And their economic + development strategies could possibly liberate us all from the Krapitalism OS. 

BUT, if we wish to avoid a total eco collapse, perhaps this is all heading in the wrong direction. Will China also need to change its vision for the future ?! Is Hyper-industrialization A RIVER OF NO RETURN that will lead to irreparable ecological damage + a permanent technodystopia... or worse, an accelerated mass extinction that threatens a tipping point into planetary dead zones, a globally  cooked environment, desertification, and centuries of a new dark age of machine-lands ruled by patriarchal MAN-made mutant cultures ?!

What good is a marxist ( technological ) revolution if we are all TOAST in 20-30 years ?! Of course we all know that's where the current dominating imperialist OS will lead us... BUT maybe we need to rethink our exits... It's certianly not merely a technological fix that will get us to an inhabitable balance ! Is there even any possibility of returning to a world where (intelligent?) + ( non-anthropocentric ) "Nature" is a guiding structure for life.

XLterrestrials suspect any "Green New Deal" that pumps out this "4th Industrial Revolution" shit ( 5G, AI, IOT, Total Cybernetic Immersion, Algo Governance + Surveillance State Expansionism, corporate tech overlords, etc. )  we can probably expect a variety of grueling dystopian outcomes !


This is a rough beginning for an upcoming XLT analysis text...
unfortunately our XLterrestrials.org blog is DOWN, and we need to rescue it ! We need about 300$ to secure our domain and pay up on our bills. ( from +10 years of hosting, which was provided by Possible Worlds, long story, but that's the short version )

We may lose control of the domain in June, if not taken care of.

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++ 5.5.2020 ++ EPISODE 5

Flattening of the Truth:

May 1st show was cancelled, sorry about that...
but that means we still got all that great collected music to play for ... 2nite's show !

Start time 20:00h (CET )..
we hope, studio is still undergoing some construction and things may be delayed. 

Other topics:

From " falttening in the truth " we got to a funny picture of the 2 YipYIP Muppet  characters ( ( Xtra terretsrials? ) made into an image re: the flat earth conspiracy theories...

And it would be great to segway to the "conspiracy theories" that help "flatten truths " ... 

And coincidentally we came to a rare good article about the C-theories called "Beneath C-theries, the class war "



And in the MUSIC dept.
R.I.P. Dave Greenfield...
Here's a great tribute explaing his rare skills as keyboarder in rock music:

by Benjamin Bloom

Strange Little Girl by The Stranglers

cover of Saens + the Stranglers 
waltz in black / les dance macabre

golden brown ( restored video )

no more heroes

something better change

5 Min. 


just because...
clash w/ mikey dread

Notes on Moore/Gibbs Film:
( the right and wrong info )


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++ 1.5.2020 ++ GRK will be LIVE ++ 
( time to be announced, probably evening )

"Tomorrow it's Mayday: the day on which we celebrate the rich and diverse history of social struggle, and commemorate those who devoted their lives to this struggle. This year also marks the 75th anniversary of the defeat of several fascist states in Europe. It is often forgotten that many socialists, communists, and anarchists significantly contributed to this victory. We must remind ourselves that their struggle for equality and solidarity, and the fight against capitalism and the extreme right, today is no less important than ever before. It is not easy to celebrate Mayday in times of a pandemic. But in an attempt to contribute to this (and inspired by some Flemish comrades), I made this home recording of a song that can be heard everywhere in the streets of Italy this week. " - Mathijs van de Sande}
                                                                                                                                                                    if ya like to Send us yur fave "revolutionary struggles" tunes ... we are colecting for 2mrw stream... here's Mathjis version of bella ciao ... ( made in lockdown mode ) ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd9k9-KU5LM

Next GRK show: Tues. April 28, 20h ( CET )
( Live only, no archive )

Possible Topics :
Protests in Lockdown Modes
May 1st
REvolutionary Struggles
Arts + Activism in the new ( cubicled ) territories ?

Article from Siraj Izhar
Prisoners of The State
( April 23 )

( on Covid + Empire + Pathogenic States )

Archive interview w/  Vijay Prashad ( The Tricontinental )
VIDEO interview:

Jimmy Dore and Chris Hedges

+ loads of (new ) rebel music

Add YOUR IDEAS + Links

Possible additional media:

Worker's Day Clip:

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April 21 -- GRK Episode#3: Everything's Upside Down... 

Charlie Stross:

corona vid for aborigines:



ADD stuff HERE:

kuck mal hir: http://radio.garden/

GrK playlist v.161.3:
Zenzile, Secret Archives of the Vatican, High Tone, Al Chem / Berliner Ring, Maria Peszek, Bridgette Fontaine, Adrian Sherwood, Marta Sebestyen, Legends of Benin ( Analog Africa ), Filastine and Nova, Raze de Soare, Driftmachine, Boikutt, Ramallah Underground, WWW Neurobeat, DVA, Abwärts, Der Plan, üzgin üver, Yat-Kha, Station 17, Republika, Dead Can Dance, Qaballah Steppers, Once11, Nosowska, Jack Dangers, Habakuk, Lee Scratch Perry and Brian Eno, The Residents, Fred Frith, Amy Denio, Badawi, Dhafer Yousef, Jean-Pierre Smadj, Sedaa, Gaye Su Akyol, M.i.A.,Krzystof Komeda, u.s.w....


April 13 -- Notes from Episode#2 : A Corona Reboot Mix + Mash

Thx for the Chaos Pad from the Openradio + Stamm team !


Astra Taylor article

"There is no such thing as a natural disaster. In earthquakes the architecture fails. If you’re out in a grassy meadow, it doesn’t matter how big the earthquake is: it might knock you down, but if nothing falls on top of you and nothing catches fire from broken gas mains or power lines, then you’re probably okay. Architecture is the first casualty of earthquakes, and human beings under the architecture are the casualties of the architecture. Even with a wholly natural disaster, whatever that might be—a tsunami, maybe—who gets help, who has resources to rebuild, who is treated as a threat or a malingerer—those are not natural but social phenomena. With Katrina you need to talk about the role of climate change in making the hurricane; of the crappy levees built by the US Army Corps of Engineers and not adequately maintained; of the lack of evacuation resources for the poor; of the demonization of those left behind; of the transformation of New Orleans into a prison-city preventing evacuation … nothing could be less natural. The natural disaster was the least of what happened to the people of New Orleans, if not the rest of the Gulf, that week." https://bombmagazine.org/articles/rebecca-solnit/


Corona Reboot
Ian Paul



kinda lost my brain on the netkillroads 2day...
but here's some music that's in the mix:

high tone ( currently ) - underground wobble
secret archives of the vatican 
clock DVA
soap kills
meat beat manifesto
adrian sherwood
ramallah underground
bill laswell

nothin too freshy fresh...
sill assembling archives
but sometimes good to go back in times...

Mop Mop
Rachid taha
dub gabriel
qaballah steppers


In case you were getting tired of listening to Ghost Town by The Specials...  yes, we know that's impossible, but to keep it fresh, our new theme song is HERE:

Adrian Sherwood + crew: Space Oddity Mix:


or if you are not getting tired but looking for a fresh flavour check these out



xxx crammed disc version

and it goes on and on here

Thx for the links, look fwd to exploring :)

april 24 disruptive fridays live stream for tor users:



Filastine and Nova
aboard the Arka Kinari currently somewhere in the Pacific heading EAST... recently posted that they would appreciate if people played there stuff on their YOUTUBE Channel, cause they are close to being able to collect funds from the Goo(gle ) ... 

( incredible music + videos )
And purchaseable stuff here;


MESAK ( from Ya Tosiba )

Devo's Mongoloid cover

Used to have these cats play in our "living room"... didnt like them much back then, but they've become much better composers over the years :

New album by X ???
first in 35 years ! WTF !?

We have a new TUES NITE ( morbid ) HIT :

Legendary punk label Dischord Records has entire catalog online for free

https://invidio.us/watch?v=-7cQXpzEoPE Hugo + Julez 'Monster March' music video is *in* a river :) he has another track actually about one, but i can't find it :/

Tonite Buch re-opens ( with regulations, ie. distance, take out only,  bars must close at 22h . Dress code: tutus, WW1 gas masks, black tie -  optional ) ... james crutchfield jazz ensemble will play at 19h... https://jamescrutchfield.jimdofree.com/bio/  ... GRK will likely live stream, dj podinski perhaps on pre+post mix  ...   all sorta welcome to the new beginning of the end times.

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