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Mandatory introductory
    - "Hold Fast" (1h15min):
    - Ten bullets:


NEXT DATE  > to collectively decide :


fill hole mastbase!
hole rudder (when boat outside?)

december 19
wintercheck with Martin

august 19
mastfoot inside 

september april :  mei-juni-juli > prêt a voil - end july - end august /CCC camp :
buy / radio


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1st of april 2018 : boat needs to be off the yard & in the water..
- motor running
- basic electricty (nav.lights, radio)
- name for boat, insurance, vlaggenbrief (immatriculation)  
- rudder
- through-hulls inspected, eventually replaced
fetching sails (3) & pulleys from saint-gilles (rue glaciere neighourhood) & store it in PEL46 or S14 (ptr_ got contact details) 
-- 3 zeilen dacht k + hoop dat ie de schoot (l'écoute) & voorschoot ook liggen heeft
gustave desmed 31 saint gilles 1060


Tips from Falko, Norway /
Nausicaä, albin delta 31 feet, vetus deutz dt 14ltp , bermuda rigg

> Book
'boatowner's mechanical and electrical manual' by Nigel Calder

> youtube channels

SEAWOMEN - mailinglist :


  > motor
* alternator(HITACHI)  ____ Lila can help !
* regulator (TLIZ-51 12volt 503 HITACHI)
- empty - clean + aceton -  paint hull inside - danboline (pot with ptr) - vacuum    OK
- buy (seashop ou plaisance) + connect exhaust +  tubes      TODO (friday syphon vetus)
- cooling water cooling intake 
- silent block motor - adapt  / find solution with - recup old ones + pieter ones
- motor paint -  ? - 

  > silent blocks
 original brand : PAULSTRA  (alternatieve merken, allpa, vetus,...)
 tussenafstand boorgaten berceau 92mm  
 draadstang montage motor M10
 hoogte demper : 35mm (moet onder 40mm blijven.. liefst minder)

  > mast -o- don't


- beam - cleanup & - cut    (foot is still in place, removing it would need some cutting (wood)  
- in wood
    - pull out old foot
    - 2 or 3 beams (6x15cm+-) 
    - interior foot / top-plate
- metal 
   - new top-plate
   - weld-up the tube
   - reposition foot / secure it in place

- adapt baseplate rotating mechanism (got fck when we took mast down last year)
- measure & rebuild spreaders / aluminium or a tube in the tube and solder
- check inox cables 
- masthead lights  / anchorlight 
- emplacements for flag-ropes & rope for radar-reflector
- find VHF antenna + cabling 
- wind vane / anemometer
- inspect pulleys  
- find lines & set it all up
-install antenna
-install reflector
-buy/search mariphone - vhf
- load baofeng - vhf codes :
- install mariphone
-rope 9mm

  > electricity

- solar panel ?
- alternator /electricity
- deepcycle gell batteries -
- eolienne

  > chauffage [HEATING]
  - install wood stove

  > zodiac boat
  - 2 old zodiacs & ptr_s need patchup glueing
  - zodiac of Tim & Go


Tim- go - Juliette - Katja - benja-andrea-june-sophie/jérome 
Pascale-Julie(pote cabiria et son pere à un bateau au portugal)
Lila (radio+alternator) + Camy - rencontre un peu bato - bretagne may 2020
Arthur Passerina

- Sophie
- Cabiria
- oncle Mira

Veronique - cours gmdss - voilier ostende
seconde main vhf- Jean cours gmdss (vers mai-juin 2020)

david from (CHT)



<--------------------- (now)(new) BOAT LOG

April 2019:
    In Port of ANTWERP for "networks with an attitude"
    together with "FLOATING POINT"

sun  13- mon 14 jan 2019
- clean the bilge (vacuum ftw!)
- sanding  & painting bilge/motormount (danboline paint)
- cut out mast-base
- vacuum clean boat
- discuss dossier mobilite bxl
- search silentblocks (plaisance)
- get outboard motor back (entretien moteur @plaisance, 70EUR)
- removed a lot of tools 
- remove batteries & motor buratinas 

01.01.19 motor 
25.12.18 motor ptr_ and paolo clean and antirust paint
30.11.18 motor revision+clean (motor didn't start / maybe still  too much air inside)

?.11.18 motor revision
02.11.18 at the crane for the mast 
03.11.18 motor yanmar in the living


Arrival 06.10.18 at BRYC after 6 days of trip

  > MAPS

  > METEO   (not yet for october...)   (small graph of tidal situation for the coming days)

  > CREW


? >> april 2018
33.5 ooooo
33 _ptr

  > need a boatname 
- ned ludd
- cimelody-3
- divine
- pink flamingo 
- john waters
- soliton
sourire avant mourir  [sam ; original name]
- techo - tsukumogami    ****
- wd-40
- ...
- original name on safety-buoy: NINA2 (nieuwpoort)

  > Herstory
Admiral (Sam)
after a blueprint of Beeckman ? do we have the plans?
Guy Francois (Le Chien Vert)
where was the warf - waremme? or wemmel?

pics of boat (end of oct),1Hf8Ea4fwFNA/ets6fZ91KXNO,g56cAUKOsulI/B9Ow2tlEQ9N2,42A2kafj9AeR/Yrt044jNfFML,NLi4Oo4rnu8O/qOxGBrxv2zKC,

  > Model
saw same type of boat 'in the wild',blYCDs7heyCF/1BZLIhC2xMNQ -- harbour 'luchtvaart' - portus novus corner to lombardszijde
- also one in brussel bryc (dock D)
- also 'black pearl' in nieuwpoort on the dry (portus novus vvw)
- just saw (30 march 2018) another one on the dry in lombardszijde
-also 'Sud' in Ostende 

  > Port

currently : port of brussels

    watersportlaan, nieuwpoort
    the little green flag on this map :
    closest tram (coastal tram) is 'nieuwpoort stad' - 10min walk
    tramstop 'lombardzijde YMCA'  is also an option, bit longer walk, tried it, nice walk - but part is bit off-road 
    buses 68 & 69 also stop there (nieuwpoort stad) --  going from oostende station  (didn't try these yet)

- lobroekdok ? close to atelier rooftoptigers, needs the ok of 'Antwerp Port Authority' i guess  (or get in the harbour, as for going to schelde-rijnkanaal & having a motor malfunction :-/ )
- grimbergen boatclub ?
- bermuda - access from south-east otherwise you get stuck in the reef :-)  got the map :

march: bring boat inland through canals (ganzepoot nieuwpoort, meest linkse sluis, plassendale-kanaal naar plassendale ( +- oostende), vandaar naar brugge (kanaal gent-oostende), dan door naar gent - vandaar schelde (boven-zeeschelde) tot rupelmonde en dan naar brussel (brussel-willebroek) of antwerpen (schelde)

- just to keep in mind :-/ destruction of boat : +- 1000EUR if done by VVW (local sailboat club)

  > BRYC access
- extra access-cards from nadine(caroline) /  ptr_  (20eur pp)

  > Permits

      radio examen
      18january20: lecture GMDSS in BRYC --- AVnet has the certificate ----waiting for the exam
  - marifoon VHF  (base exam)
    (use of digital protocols needs GMDSS license i think)

      zeiljacht examen

2019 autumn 
- dutch french course


somewhere september:
- mount rudder ( dig a hole in the ground +- 50cm...) : around 16 aug i got my big drill -- normally there are no cables running in the ground (asked the harbour office -- they are ok with these activities, as long as we close up after)
- repair keel/propeller (been digging a bit to let water out...)
- setup motor mount (welded some inox tubing)
- test the motor from trudo ( need tank, check general yachting for Mercury motor gear...)  fail..
plan for mid august (before leaving for the trip to bxl):
- basic electricity (bilgepump, lights, radio?)
- finish up the hull  (do polyester job on propeller, finish it up with epoxy, apply  polycon on keel & antifouling on whole hull)
- mount rudder (dig hole in the ground, fit it in)
- setup motor mount (& a way to make it manageble underway -- would be great to be able to 'easily' control throttle & reverse)
- scheepvaartloket administration (ownership, name of boat, motor serial)
- put the thing on the water & make sure it floats > 1 OF OCTOBER18

Plan for septembre18
-finish the mount of the motor
-pass to this shop in Molenbeek to buy the stuff missing for the motor
-lettrage name on the boat +immatriculation on the boat
-paint water line?
-finish to sand the propeller

-insurance  !  OK
-papier boat + copy (ask what does it mean 'habitable')
-campingstove (ptr?) oops
-savety jacket  ('PFD')

1st octobre - 15:00
TechoTsukuMogami on the water
-last painting under the bloks?primer+antifouling?
-give back the mzmber card -- not done yet i did? or still in my wallet? ) ask

Think about :
-solar panel
-window for the backroom
-eco antifouling? next year
-isolation motor
-isolation boat
-base of the mast
- opening entrance /

nov 2018:
    - marielena/oracle WAB event?
    - take the yanmar out ?  (remove the table and move motor there to check & invite ppl around for dismantling/fixing)
    - think about options for heating inside..
    - get the mast off deck (move boat to small crane, lift it off & store in shelves)

oct 2018:  
    - suzuki motor groot onderhoud : get it back to plaisance (rue metsys, schaerbeek) for entretien (mandatory after +-20h runtime)  (i took it off the mount already - ptr_)
    - rainwater-leak from boom traveller fixation holes, impossible to work on now...
    - there's some leak from deck above the kitchen, saw drips just right of kitchenstove (still...)
    - keep an eye on bxl mobilite call
   -  pass by nieuwpoort ( finish membership etc)
   - pass by bryc secretariat : fix ligplaats, copy of vlaggenbrief & insurance papers ; officially ask for a garage...
  - find new thermos..

LOG (2018)

1-6oct : did the trip from nieuwpoort to bxl
  - ptr_ bought outboard motor last-minute (suzuki 4pk  -- 1 cyl 4 stroke) +-1050eur
  - spent some nights in harbour (10eur p)
  - bought waterwegenvignet at wintam (40eur -- till march2019)

21-26 aug nieuwpoort workweek (ptr,ooooo,alice+inge,lize one day)
-cleaning the interior of the boat
-rudder mounted  (big hole that  we recoverded)
-mastic poliester +époxy+fiberglass around thé propeller
-replacing lights bâbord et tribord + changing bulb for the back ->led 
-electricity : moved mainswitch + lights + bildgepump
-cable + tube for the bildgepump
-first try for the mount of Mercurymotor outside but need some adjustments 
-sanded all the hull
-sanded the propeller
-painted the hull with primocon primer (one layer)/4h waiting + antifouling dark grey (two layers) wait 16h between the 2 layers
-demarches administratives pour lettre de pavillon et immatriculation ->payed & waiting for the papier (S14?)
-bought some stuffs in de kringwinkel ->knife,thermos,spones,
- pass by scheepsloket & start immatriculation process (4-6 weeks) valid for 5 years (147eur  sea/beneden-schelde + 147eur interior waterways B77638) 

8 aug 
- found a ladder  (hsbxl threw some broken gear out )

6 aug
- sanded the keel (seems there-s an epoxy layer on, so that-s fine for the moment, we'll do with some polycon & antifouling i think
- payed summer berth (290 eur, VVW)
- bought some fiberglass, aceton & 5mm bolts (26 eur fck..)
- hooked up an old battery charger (30 min +-) seems ok
- sanded up area where propeller axis exits keel-- was badly done, contained water, so sanded out & let it dry before treating with glassfiber/polyester & apply \watertight'

2-3 aug
- got nadine's old motor from storage (trudo-s)
- quick cleanup with isopropyl
- motor looks good
- drilled out part of sparkplug thread with 13mm drill (sparkplug is Ø 12mm  (somehow nadiners tried to screw in wrong sparkplug & killed the thread)  motorblock is aluminium
- bought sparkplug (ngk dcpr6e, 6eur @ OPA)
- mounted correct sparkplug ( only 1cm thread left instead of 2cm...) hope it doesnt blow out
- bought correct motor oil (17eur, plaisance)
- need tank... (will check for connector @

end of july
- took back tools (were onboard for motor-entretien) --  back to bxl
- rudder is on board ( not mounted)
- took a bit of time to be depressed of the whole thing :-)

somewhere in june
- finished up rudder

9-10 may (ooooo ptr_)
- diesel pump manometer (hope it works ... nope)
- 12mm wrench to unlock injector.... (hope it works ... nope)

called shipsupport nieuwpoort - not open tomorrow (holiday)
but they are open friday & they have a test setup for injector


somewhere in april (ptr_ ooooo alice martin)
- replacing tubes for hotwater / diesel
- add fuelfilter
- check fuel highpressure side (seems ok, but let's test pressure next)
- throughhulls all done now
- ooooo put 420eur in the moneyjar(ptr_)
- car cleanup at the same time  :-) 


thursday 29-friday 30 march 2018 (ptr_)
- dismounted through hull near motor -- in ok shape (3.85cm diam) -- needs new valve, needs m4 bolts to mount back
- bought replacement pieces for motor (548.63eur)
- bought new through-hulls & valves (94.49 eur + 88.94 eur)
- bought some more sikaflex 291
- measured rudder mount
- line (rope) thickness 0.8cm - 1cm   (ordering 1.2cm at vidaxl ?)

- try to dismantle oilscrubber - didn't work (bolts loose, but no moving)
- found back bolts to mount exhaust elbow

all through-hulls are out, bought new one's ) -- 
* bakboord: 4.5 cm (1'1/4 - 4.2cm) -- old speedometer
* bakboord 3cm (3/4' - 2.6cm) -- kitchen outlet
* stuurboord 4.4cm (1'1/4 - 4.2cm) (toilet outlet)
* stuurboord 2.1cm (1/2') hole is not round, needs some rework (toilet inlet)
* stuurboord  3.25cm (motor coolingwater)
   -- needs small M4 bolts -- is ok : i put inox bolts in there, need to check in 5 years how they're doing :-)

replace motor tubing:
    coolingwater 1.3cm innerdiam +- 1m total length
    diesel 0.8cm innerdiam +- 0.5m (bought fuel filter to add)
    diesel 0.6cm innerdiam 0.25m (transparent, tank fuel level indicator)
    whale pump (bilge) innerdiam 3.85cm  2m length ?
rudder : measured tube length : 1m (99cm precise..)


friday 15-saturday 16 feb 2018 (paolo, ptr_)
- cut out through-hulls; all taken to bxl (measuring & replacement)
- extracted rudder & taken to bxl  (took it out from deck; this wont work for reinstallation but that's another problem)
- toilet taken from board  - cleanup & resell ? 
 - replaced motor oil (exactly 2L)

wednesday 13 feb 2018 (ptr_)
visit from steven & erik (contacts of ooooo) to have a look at the dieselmotor; 
among the things learned: 
    - compression valves can be disabled (needed for manual start; make speed handcrancking and then kick in the compression)
    - startmotor is working; 
    - change the oil before trying to run it, change it again after a first real run  (needs cooling system up and working...)
    - put in a diesel filter 
    - working of electric contacts of starter motor (white terminal to positive terminal: closes a relay inside and let power flow)
    - motor 'runaway' because of overfilling oil is almost always fatal (no speed  regulation, as the governor only regulates dieselfuel, but the oil is abundant...)

2018 jan 15-16: alice, ooooo& ptr_
- cleanup aft cabin 
    - took out the manual pump (whale, s nice)
- took out diesel reservoir -- quite rusted underside, needs better inspection before put back in use (if so)
- dismantled mast base (inox plate on the deck)
- clean up rot under mast base
- get a canister of diesel (+- 10L)
- take out the inox plate in cockpit  (probably there was a support under it, seems there's some rusted steel support platform inside)
- found the genua in front cabin, took it to bxl (had small inspection, seems ok, didnt do any repairs)
- took toilet out, had to cut off the valves...
- inspect valves -- took some to bxl for refurb, think i forgot them in ooooo car...S14? platic bag ?
- inspect through-hulls :  generally in BAD state -- most (all?) need reseating...
- cut off the rudder blade -- in bxl now -- axle is still stuck in place...

dec 30-31: ptr_
    - moved vacuum cleaner on the boat
    - have foldable bike on the boat
    - general vacuum cleaning
    - found the pulley system for the boom (still missing traveller)
    - did a cutout to make the passage to galley bit wider
    - dismantled door of toilet (to have better look & more workspace (rotten mast-support beam)
    - found an eberspacher diesel heating system in the bin, no clue yet if it will work
    - found more camping-gaz canisters for kitchen

dec 22-23-24 2017:  work weekend paolo & ptr
  *motor cleanup, 
    - dismantled exhaust (--> needs replace, ptr researching pieces)
    - motor is YSE12 (model number on gearbox)
    - cleanup - looking good
    - tried to dismantle cooling, all bolts are ok, but needs more research
    - zinc anode still there, but could use replacement
    - threw away the trashed pillows,fridge etc
    - next steps:put exhaust back, get diesel & oil,  run the motor (without cooling) for a quick test, replace oil
    * recup of teak from harbour...  (late-night operation :-)
      - nice to make benches in cockpit, we did a quick cut to replace the missing bench ftm
    * camping gaz cooker working 
       - there is camping-gaz shop in lombardzijde, near tramstop 'stad' (20min walking)
    * mast was falling sideways, replaced with sturdier woodconstruction.

early works:  (ptr_, paolo, ooooo, alice)
    - remove rotten wood in interior
    - remove other junk (shitty fridge, pillows)
    - discover leaks & try to close them on deck -- tape them off
    - take down mast & not touch other boats in the process...
    - mount table
    - gas stove for kitchen
    - remove crufty vinyl flooring everywhere
    - sanitize


  stuff to take

<---------------------- (new) 

  stuff there:
- vacuum cleaner (general cleanup) ok
- disceuse ok
- bike (foldable bike in bxl) ok
-inox ! screws ok
- wd40  moar ok now
- kettingtakel (motor lifting)  not yet > in bxl
- more hex-keys (motor work)  +- is ok imho
- needle & thread  can wait
- good ductape  need this, will buy (ptr_)
- pipe-clamp (loodgieterstang)  ok
- heating/hot air blower -- ok (it eats elec though..)
- wooden beams to take the mast down  done without, better next time...
- vuilzakken (sac pour poubelles)  ok
- try hotglue for temporary waterproofing
    - viseuse
    - wipzaag
    - general toolbox with hex keys
    - small metal saw
    - cable cutter (small)
    - tec7   glue + pistol  (there's also sika 291)
    - power chord (+-40m) -- elec is +- 35meters away, need 1EUR coins (there are some on the boat) 
    - small shopping trolley 


rotten mast base:  ( quite a big set-back..)
- found out the base of the mast (compression post) is rusted & rotten out  >>> need to bring mast down asap << done
- bring mast down   -- or better :
- need wooden beams (gin-pole/A-frame), good rope & pulleys (katrollen)
[1 nov] mast takedown pics (stepping mast with ginpole  gone sideways.:-/,C9wzpy7RDiCc/S3lRWyApdl45,n9Ut28jvX1UE/zK98u4EfDklg,enPyG4JJtFyB/weSByomahYNy,rRtmAhKgtQVS/fr8t3XA10jRV,96lbmOUP2xsI/CgSsBv2pAJHe,ygZCHyNBn5Dn/vU63XIOWSQ6l,AcgXNNg36FbS/mgCryI3pb8iL,P7d9m1q4jvaO/XKQ7QFrRUYXO,uwF4mvHfDgMu/0VAbDA1c1rJa,XlXv01nb15PH/Ood53tPa8NNm,kfVUAn953kTB/6baPJ3DWRBpx,sMNLH8feySuI/xsKa2g78qhnT,FhdaWyOqBWZR/RR2tRaFn9Ysg,22tqltuXuHBa/iXqtqZlo4S1w,

- replace existing steel post + wooden support 
wooden beam to replace steel beam
need to check how to support on keel
found out keel-balast is in concrete -- i had a look online and doesnt seem an immediate problem, just not great...

- yanmar  YSE12 -- the good stuff
- simple motor (1 cyl), a lot of info online (hours of youtube videos of rebuilds etc) 
- needs a new exhaust elbow 
- needs oil sediment cleanup & oil flush & refill
- build system for throttle control from cockpit
- thermostat is not looking great
- found the driving belts
- youtube series of total motor rebuild  (YSE is earlier version of same motor)
- pics:,X3e46TGoC53G/c8ACdCeZ2xcI,RIzCgvoVfKAz/bwR8ZHqV0q2J
22-23-24 dec:,l8D4yxI4Sjry/OR7ZCJtlDMFi,pIrVDBnU0Ujh/B6kAYoWlml9p,tEcAE587De6X/tGFeoiDeC7Yo,gFVwWI4MNXZw/HJw4VR932UOY and moar,UcNRMofNF2xX/JfnbVZTfYT9v,mon8Cnpeilda/CqJoZJR4o1Xw,JKw4lc07M4GC/gtK0w3XZFHyT,S69SDaMPKjTF/naRRppLw4ZHL,vraU6qVSqLr4/KYLt9AoAx8l5,1DSKsNDR5NXj/bepqgpdeO43N,nKHVm4Bnrc4K/9jugcqQhyFJs

electricity :
- battery (local dealer 120Ah : 152eur+tva / 100Ah :120eur+tva)
- i got recup cables from floatingpoint
- needs some planning

rudder: underwater rudder needs to be rebuilt... 
- dismantle existing rudder & recup pieces to build a new one 
- weld a new inox skeleton from recup'ed pieces 
- foamcore over skeleton ?  maybe light wood & sand down to shape?
- layer up polyester/epoxy for structural integrity
- gelcoat or epoxy for waterproofing
- called artois composites (oostende):dense foam material : PVC or PET
  they have an incoming order of PET 'blokjesplaat'  - perforated (so better adhesion under vacuum) plates 
  one plate is 122x122x2cm -- base price 51EUR btw inc

through-hull :
- probably need to replace them all (+-25eur pp)
- through hull bronze pieces moving in the hull, so ... replace...
lines & ropes:
- need to replace all running lines (all ropes)
- probably 3a400 eur i guess (may be cheaper in antwerp)
- mast is +-11 m high, made in aluminium
- we have to take down mast anyway so no need to replace ropes for now

    - martino has marine VHF radio in amsterdam still?  otherwise need to source one  2ndhand
    - sailmate vhf not working ftm (scored in bryc-poubelles)

hull bumper-rail
- wooden original bumper rail is gone, not structurally needed but it looks rather punk now

paint for hull
  - 1-2 days of sanding/cleaning
  - 1 day for painting 
  - easily needs 200-300 eur
    - could use some anti-slip  (there's a roll of nice material @ PEL46)
    - re-seating blocks for genua sheets (need to find suitable material for distance-holder first)




- compass

- rescue boat (sales in plaisance)

- anti fouling  /
- epoxy ? if so which one?
epoxy stratifie +  epoxy(?) schuim 
- fiberglass -- 2 vierkante meter

- ropes 
2xmastlengte + 5m  (take sample) (take katrol)

- inox cables
- mast spreaders? 
- electricity (cables? LED?)

- special paint to re-do immatriculation ? 

- safety jackets ---> 4 on the boat (_ptr's ones?)
- marifoon 
we wait till alice has license

- antenna VHF- marthe bought one 22€

not necessary  & expensive

electrical system
  - battery cables
  - battery mounting 
  - general cables 
_ battery casing - marthe bought one 8€

-knot meter? 
gear shifting mechanism

  - rolsroyce  :


26/10 ptr_ payed storage Niewpoort now till april 2018
- (580eur) so got entrance card for boatwharf & toilets etc.   -- extra cards cost 6 eur (VVW boatclub)
- 110eur membership 2017 (bastards, had to pay otherwise didn't get access to yard)
- 110 eur membership 2018
- 100 eur tewaterlating (cranes etc -- mandatory to include storage)
- 265 eur storage on boatyard (till beginning april 2018)
- 6 EUR extra card (who has it now?) ME IN S14  I GUESS

- before here and there - 
- tube bilge pump 14.73 (marthe)
- immatriculation+ pavillion letter - 294 (marthe)
- seashop -polychone ?- 83.80 (alice )
- seashop antifouling + led white - 155 (alice)
- light babord-tribord - 35 (marthe&Alice)
-motor 1000€ (pieter)
trip nieuwpoort-brussel
-food alice 50€
-food marthe 50€
-cabmarine (extincteur+vertkoort) 33.45 (alice)
-fuel pieter ?
-fuel 15.38 (alice)
-vignette 40€ (alice)
-night dendermonde 16€ (alice&marthe)
-night willebroeck 10€ (alice)
-member card 20€ (marthe)

insurance +-80EUR per year (that's what i pay for floating point)  (covers worldwide rescue for crew & 3rd-party damage)

immatriculation: cant remember how much,  probably something like 50 EUR for 5 years

insurance for accidents (ptr_ familiale / burgerlijke aansprakelijkheid) - not sure if i can invoke it for damages on wharf + franchise 250eur

hervé +32 483 39 12 75 

Some friends of friends who have connection with boat and association:
>contact by Lise (la vieille chechette)   Hollande/Germany -> they put an ecological motor in Holland
tél: 0049 1753254401
>    Marseille
>  NANTES Sound day on three barges 
> / residency - radio transmissions 
> / boat residency - project - nice *** campaign for support
>Christophe (peniche avec grue pres de Biestebroek/anderlecht?)-0475 77 79 81
>June - projet cinema + Anouk Declerq -  création d'un cinéma éclectique à Ostende, une plateforme de film et un livre sur les cinémas contemporains
>  je ne comprends pas tres bien?
- AJD Le père Jaouen -
- Vocatio pour les bourses à projet -
- WE EXPLORE incubateur de projet
- Nomades des mers - Low Tech Lab - (jute lab)
>LEIPZIG: people we met in Vestby,Norway (Sine)
- exhaust.

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