cht @ rc3 (2020/12)

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_____ 1226

2223 trying to figure out wtf is going on
scrolling through "mate maps" info wtf?

[!→] WHAT WE WANT (from remote events): "PARANORMAL RC3"

We don't really want to do the minecraft tiles, we want to:
    1) smoke pot with randos
    2) listen to blasting tunes
    3) get fucked
    4) spend time in hacker caves
    5) find more hackers in the area / connect with others

2243 haha funny
"10 minutes of daylight on your face (sun is best, if available)"
(also, the "english version below" posts STILL SUCKS)



1227 0039: this does something

_____ 1227

1910 UV: Nobody at the Anarchist Village Campfire??

1933: D @ assange STAGE ROOM (BBB)

1228 0332 @pyatty meet F
"there are several instances", just save the string
"they want to combine shards for the assemblies"
(PF: In Tenerife?)
"kalabakez" deepwater "frisolo" spot
"there's 1 main bay where all the tourists are ... you have to go one bay further ... and where all the climbing happens"
"really cool 20m high caves"

0355 obs streaming

Trying OBS-v4l2 sink according to:
    After compiling load the videoloopback module:
$ sudo modprobe v4l2loopback

Now open OBS and you will see "V4L2 Output" under the "Settings" tab

0515 chat with 04k/flying v

0526 chat +justus about work before heading to the data center :D

0541 met +tapete :D
aka katze

0618 at lounge corner
10 people
"speaker stats" is kind of a info leak - has all that were there

_____ 1228

(@@ cht7c log)

* slept in
* ate minestra from yesterday
* showeled way to UV
* went to santi (was not there) to feed rabbits
* found new rope, tied down the tarp (will be wet night!)
* moved some boxes in hack center
* setup camera outside:
    played with some settings in guvcview
    found that some "hz" had to be not 50 or 60 but DISABLED (then it was not a whiteout)
* entered and spoke to some people:
    including MUCC

    * working on obs
    * [...]

1847 (/)

_____ 1229

* talked about worrying invasive plants

* played pdcontrol + set the telecaster guitar on fire

* talked about libraries: (gottingen)
DARIAH-DE supports the humanities and cultural sciences working with digital resources and methods in research and teaching. For this purpose the association is developing a digital research infrastructure for tools and research data and is developing materials for teaching and further education in the field of digital humanities (DH).

* [...]

_____ 1230

session one ~1430
kindergarten teacher, mentions DE system is mix of west and east:
    * W experiments:
    * E goes to work early after birth

1230 1551
* [P!!] it should be easier to get a stage:
    → take empty rooms and have people cram there
    it is difficult to see what's happening in a room
    maybe having a "voting" part to determine cause would be fun?
* [P!!] input and output muxing:
    * in streams (on standby but also mixing themselves in)
    * audio (/guitars, mics, CAMERAS
    * [...]
* [...]

charged outside, some sessions there
then talked to santi ;)

1230 1656
vizak van in lounge = great
showed to flensburg + x :)
"ist das b1?"

_____ 1231

1231 0511

finally back a bit (had a nap)
interesting ...... #gdpr #tocheckout


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