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Last updated:
    2017-09-29: initial doc
    2018-07-17: moved to new 🔗E2H version

About this reboot

This is an initiative about, this time started by .
The document might get deprecated with time, shoot an email if interested to help push things forward!

The general idea is (still) to set up a world wide network of nomadbases:

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___ is sitting there for years without new initiative, and losing in value. It's a waste that nothing happens, and it's hurting the whole "movement" :) It's not universally clear who's holding the keys, who's making the decisions about that, and on what grounds. Waiting for "the right idea" has been taking a bit too long I think, and it's time to pass the keys and give an opportunity. Some sort of a "democratic" decision of the stakeholders is preferred, but I think we all have the same interest, so this is here just to give the initiative.

Kasper has been proven to be a reliable domain holder. A transfer is not necessary to add new content in my eyes.


    From 2018-07

* re-read & check status of 2017 todos:
    * Assign responsible people (or "?") to tasks. Ping all.
    * mark stuff as done!
* Make Riseup mailing list for all interested

* gather/update data about nomadbases
  * check how many data is gathered already
  * create a document summing this up

* next steps: ???

    From 2017

    * >guaka installs, or allows access to install:
    * move important stuff from to

    * move minutes to this pad, from the Berlin hackathon pad:

    * add map

    * +traumschule +guaka +realitygaps +dcht00 decide: <------------------- (NOW)

        * whether we can decide by vote:
            dcht00: +

        * vote on what to put on
            dcht00: undecided




    * collect everyone's proposals and preferences:
        everyone with a suggestion to come forward
    * make a decision to pass the domain
    * ... in a timeframe:
        by (I propose) October 1st 2017
    * form by consensus a responsibility/charter:
        * retain the old content on guaka's server in it's current form
        * put *something* there that will be a ground for collecting and improving the relevant information about nomadbases
        * [...]

    * guaka:
        domain & current content server
        also, domain+installation


    ----------------- here!
    * <-- proposes #B (Etherpad + E2H + maps)
    * traumschule <-- proposes an easily editable map (see #C below)
    * mikael/trustroots (seen, cheers! Sorry just no time to help out here.)
    * Talita (2018-07)

    ----------------- informed & need to see this (I invited 2017-09-13)
    * guaka (Kasper) - domain holder
    * realitygaps - admin

    ----------------- also might be interested / to invite?
    * the various new nomadbase projects to write about their place
    * Robino (
    * Dante

    * get everybody here
    * write email proppsal
    * if there's disagreements, start a Loomio
    * transfer domain
    * ???
    * success
    "PROFIT" <-------     ** david, what do you mean with profit?

   Nomadbases email to invite for contributions
   this is an email draft to be sent out to possible nomadbases and to be published on

       1) mail to kasper, robino, richard
   Hey :)
   Please take some minutes to bring the idea of nombases forward.
   in the last weeks a lot of content has been moved from to Some pages have been left behind, because they may be outdated:
   There are more than 50 locations now:
   realitygaps and kardan worked on a map for A technical example is on [ ]. A map with locations in nomadwiki is on [ ]. See also
   To put this on server access is needed. How can we organize this the easiest way?
   The concept of nomadbases is more than 10 years old but maybe got forgotten a bit. With a (digital) meeting we could try to reach new people and reconnect with former hosts. What do you think about a meeting in a town in October or November? Some ideas are on
   SHE goes MAD was in 2009, results can still be accessed. Maybe some of the points could be transferred to nomadwiki:
   The whole process is documented on
   Please share your ideas!

       2) mail to the community

   Your place is listed on
   Please take some minutes to update your data. We would like to know, if your place offers accommodation for nomadic hackers.


    A) point it to (SEMANTIC MEDIAWIKI):
"Nomadbases - Places that host nomadic travellers." (on the right) should link to

    B) takes over at least transitionally (ETHERPAD + MAPS + E2H):

do you want to have the subdomain --kardan
nah thanks :)

        I would use the publicaly editable (Etherpad-based) E2H system on it:
            see 🔗E2H

        The site would be rebooted the same day.

        I would personally admin it to prevent content destruction.

        It would contain:
            * a title
            * a publically editable map, with admin oversight + rollback
            * an etherpad-based wiki that would serve as a place to assemble existing nomadbases related content, and somehow interconnect with

        The main goals of the reboot:
            * assemble the existing content!
            * present it in a new, better way
            * build a group of people that communicate and push nomadbases forward, and the needed infrastructure/workflow for that!
            * [...]

        Why me:
            * I have the time to do it.
            * I'm running 🔗alike, 🔗maps, 🔗calendar, and other sites that kind of connect into this.
            * CHT (TOTALISM🔗web) is a nomadbase since 2011.
            * I work hard on finding and bringing content together, which this really needs.
            * Even if you don't like E2H right now, please say why. I'll keep developing it, and accept constructive proposals!

        Improvements to E2H this would incentivize:
            * move maps part from Google to OSM
            * [...] <-------- add ideas here

        I plan to run it a transitional site:
            If something better comes along by my own, I commit to let go of the domain then.
            Other people are doing cool things and writing their own dedicated CMSs that might someday be used for this (like Ecobasa, Trustroots people, ...).
            But until then should not be dead!

    C) add map is a publicly editable directory for traveling and open spaces with a database of locations shows a map from the coordinates saved in nomadwiki

How this works:
    * places have semantic information as
|name=CHT hackbase
    * a template generates a list of places with geolocations in JSON format:
    * fetch markers from, see
    * (optional) plugin to download offline maps:
    * (optional) create "Walking Papers" for hitchhiking

See also:
    For making the map - why wouldn't you then just use the semantic mediawiki map capability, like on ?

   I will set up the maps plugin, once Guake answered. Until then, I develop
   See also

WIP <realitygaps:

    D) offer git pull requests for / subfolders / subdomains

Theoretically all interested people could update the content, even if (github/free alternativies) is a technical hurdle.

    I don't think this non standard model is a good fit for the community.
    Except if somebody would make a web interface for adding/editing that could also commit to the main repository...

   I agree, it's better to use the wiki form to add locations:

   E) join efforts with
   contact: (attained HG17 at Traumschule), mail: has some posts relevant for nomad bases. how much effort is it to add them to drupal?

   F) residencies has a list and map of possible hackbases (hackerspaces with accommodation)
   the list is possibly outdated. places should be contacted and asked if their info is valid.
   more todos:


Just found out i tried to organize a reboot in april 2013....

but i think i didn't actually get to properly invite the people.
it was an attempt to build bridges between some organisations which are now "playing solo".
""" restart as Common ground for innovation & creativity-minded colive/cowork/collab ("planned networks of") spaces in EU.
 Do we get together to do this in real life?
 These initiatives all have a single space, but want to build networks.
 I think we all agreed we would like to form a workgroup to define common ground and discuss model differences, but make them clear, recognizable, and co-existing.
 Hopefully onboard:
 + Totalism / CHT#1 (host)
 + / Unmonastery
 + Mutinerie Coworking / [placeholder]
 + Elf Pavlik
 Probably interested:
 + Space Federation
 + Emerging Leader Labs
 + ...please mention others in comments
 This is exactly what we were discussing with Nadia, Pavlik, Kasper and Antoine at this OuiShare panel: .
 Topics: [placeholder for open doc discussing this].

2018 July updates

Discussion on Freenode:#hackbases:
    * seems agreed that:
        1) there needs to be collaborative content on Nomadbases, but can be for that
        2) there needs to be a map !
        3) the domain can just show the map + link to some content, and invite people to edit
    * "it needs a kick in the ass"

""" is where i dumped it previously
ill try get it working again
seems its failing due to mixed content (i moved that domain to https fully since) was the json file it rendered from
so thats the sort of thing we'd be looking to pull from nomadwiki

Competing pages

#tomerge >david

Actually, we should discuss the "right wing nomad" pages.

What is nomadism? What are the goals of such sites and places?

    * (<d) "share resources to be able to achieve more things; move around to be able to experience and connect different scenes"
    * (<TS) "so nomadism in a way can be seen as a starting point for young people escaping home, but they evolve depending on their experiences"
    * [...]

<---------------------------- (new): unstructured BELOW, structured ABOVE

work to do:
    * thinking about ways of building a group of people that communicate and push nomadbases forward
    * "I see at the moment the best thing to do is to gather the information about existing nomadbases, probably to gather more people around this topic."

>kardan, how did you send a mail ("#2") to all on ?
individually or you used some mailer / plugin?
how should we do it in the future? (think: mailing lists, probably 1 moderated announce with in-channel, 1 discuss/talk)

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