Representation, Collaboration, Data, Media

This is the pad for the group "Representation, Collaboration, Data, Media"
I left out workflow because it is a more general, administrative topic. If someone wants to add that topic, don't hesitate.

( First: I think we should to find a better and shorter name for this group! )

Argument collection for naming discussion: 🔗hacc-naming-discussion

( About the document )

The last version of our discussion can be found here: 🔗hacc-2

Here are some proposals that were made during the last discussion, and some additional ideas.

*** Possible target audiences
  • people that are affected by actions of HACC (e.g. visitors of future CCC events)
  • deniers and sceptics
  • pupils, teachers, students ("Chaos macht Schule"???)
  • general public
  • hackers
  • media/journalists (classic media: tv, newspapers and/or "new" media, youtube channels or blogs, HACC as a service)
  • scientists (some form of collaboration, HACCaaS)
    • Works in both directions:
      • Hackers to scientists: like luftdaten.info
      • Scientists to hackers for PR work, visualization and so on...
  • politicians
  • members of the green and sustainable movement

*** Topics
Explain basics of climate change
  • Show how CO2 works as a heat trap with experiments
  • Is it possible to show that certain CO2 is men made with simple experiments??? How to show isotopes of molecules and atoms with simple experiments???
  • Show the current status in science
  • Show the current status in politics
  • Show the current status of development for replacing CO2 emitting systems and tools, with non emitting ones
  • Connect well known and accepted knowledge and scientific facts, to disputed climate change facts
  • Tell positive naratives about what a change of behavior or energy sources can do
  • Show and promote projects and topics concering the environment, clean air and so on...
  • Find a common ground with sceptics ???
    • Decentralized and local renewable energy is something nationalists would want to be more independent of the world
    • Conserving the environment will find some or even a lot of support in conservative/religious groups
    • With "Laudato Si" ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laudato_si%27 ) we have the catholic church on our side
    • It's true, further development on storage and control systems are necessary during the next years
    • Also if climate change would only be a chinese hoax, fossil fuels are finite ressources 

    *** Milestones

    * CCC events (congress, camp)

    Present results at assembly and/or talks:
    • multiple video projectors
      • animations and visualizations
    • show experiments live or as a recording
    • have factsheets or handouts
    • create memes
    • sticker

    * HACCaaS:

    "Hackers Against Climate Change as a Service".
    • Run a collaboration network/platform

    *** Needed Activities:
    Collect typical arguments of
    • sceptics and deniers
    • people who are convinced that it's too late to act
    • people who are convinced that the society won't change and we are doomed
  • Develop or collect experiments
  • Develop or collect visualizations
  • Collect sources of information
    • IPCC
    • search the net
    • different projects
    • read scientific articles/papers
  • Collaborate with scientists, journalists
    • HACC as a Service
  • List of informations and data sources:

    Partly a copy of the list at 🔗hacking-ecology ...

  • Journalisitc work / blogs / popular scientific work / Educational material
  • Projects
  • Renewable energy
  • Weather services
  • Spatial data
  • Divestment / Investment
    • ???
  • Ecology