Representation, Collaboration, Data, Media

This is the pad for the group "Representation, Collaboration, Data, Media"
I left out workflow because it is a more general, administrative topic. If someone wants to add that topic, don't hesitate.

( First: I think we should to find a better and shorter name for this group! )

Argument collection for naming discussion: 🔗hacc-naming-discussion

( About the document )

The last version of our discussion can be found here: 🔗hacc-2

Here are some proposals that were made during the last discussion, and some additional ideas.

*** Possible target audiences

*** Topics

*** Milestones

* CCC events (congress, camp)

Present results at assembly and/or talks:

* HACCaaS:

"Hackers Against Climate Change as a Service".

*** Needed Activities:

List of informations and data sources:

Partly a copy of the list at 🔗hacking-ecology ...

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