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For contact information, see https://events.ccc.de/congress/2018/wiki/index.php/Projects:C3sustainability

= Preparation for first contact with Projektleitung =

General Questions: 
    - What has been done in the past w.r.t. sustainability/climate-neutral congress, what were the issues.

Concrete suggestions/topics for future camp/congresses:

Concrete projects




Concrete projects (camp)

Useful links: 

Pasting here the text from the main pad on this topic:
There was last year a talk (in German):
    We are talking about 100 kg CO2 per person, which seams feasible to compensate. The emmissions are mostly coming from traveling which I would exclude.
    I would perhaps perfer in the first year a voluntary model so that everone can decide during the booking to compensate or not. This should be a no-brainer 
    and we don't need discussions about higher ticket prices that are perhaps not affordable for everyone. Model similar to atmosfair.
    Other questions are: Can we change the power provider? At which points we can make the congress more efficient? Must the food area in the winter under one layer of glass?
The Camp should be more easily to get some power from sun. But in my eyes it's more important to use this to share knowledge so that the people installing more PV on the homes and companies.

Comments here:
    Isn't that meeting a good model of the world/humanity/politics in these days (it is just that nobody really has a plan and we don't even know how to develop one)

= Discussion on Day 3 =

== With Dodger ==

== Impressions ==

== Next steps ==

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