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Totalism Co-op:
    Labour Agreement


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↓↓↓ v1.0 ~ 2016 Q4

Writing down the "contract" - nothing very fancy. Just so we have a reference for the future.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  

    /contract stepping in effect/

* I start work around ___, for around ___ (so until ~ ___).

    /finance - subsistence/

* I charge you:
    ___ (250) pounds / week
    for ___ (25) hours of work
    which is ~ ___ pounds/month, ___ hours = ___ pounds/hour)
    This means ~ ___ hours/day on working days.
Any overtime is voluntary and is arranged outside of this agreement. Travel time does not count into this time.

    /work travel/

* You cover my flight into ___ from ___. There are no other costs (my insurance, lunch, I use my own equipment, travel inside London, etc).

    /work environment/

* Work times:
    liquid working hours (meaning, I can skip one day, and work more other days), but I expect 80% to be standard.
    I probably work home one time a week or so. 

* Workplace access:
    I have access to ___ [place of work] during working hours.

    /ip property: open/

* The intellectual property of the work I do:
    is open; it can be arranged to be kept proprietary separately. This means: my work cannot be patented or protected by a license, and I have the right to use it, or release it, separately - if there is not a negotiation. You have a non-exclusive license to use it. It's basically a MIT license work.

* Payment:
    paid either in cash,
    or via a official bill to ___ company account. In this case, there is probably an additional 20-25% tax involved.

* The salary is paid at least for 2 weeks in advance.

* Termination:
    possible by any party (you or me) 2 weeks in advance, or earlier if agreed by both. This agreement (including work schedule, payment, etc) holds until that time.

    /shares: potential/
* Project success-based additional compensation:
    * If the project is successful (-let's hope so!!-), and the work I do is elemental in the shaping of the product, some small type of share compensation is expected. For 2 months in the prototype phase, this might be around 2% of the pool, but I don't have a good calculation. (This might probably be resolved as a part of the "cooperative" model, maybe with "work time shares". We can further talk about this later.)
    * If project offers services in future, upon its success a ___ difference can be redeemed in services.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  


    A : __________

    B : __________

↓↓↓ v2.0 ~ 2017 Q2 [IN RESEARCH]

    * measurable work KPIs !!!!

    * coding
    * prototype production
    * knowledge production (writing + organising)
    * basic materials procurment
    * formal meetings
    * self-imposed meetings 50%
    * workflow improvements
    * self-imposed workflow improvements 50%
    * research: self-educating on basics 50%
    * research: advanced project-based research 
    * [...]

    * budgeting:
    * gadget budget + specification
    * clearer budgeting model [->>> coop-agreement-budgeting.ods] 
    * role of "investor"?
    * shuffling cash sucks
    * clearer payment rules + handling uncertainty (clear pre-agreed flows!)

    * openness:
        * initial full documentation sharing

    * flows:
        * clearer post-termination openness

    * public representation:
        * is this on my linkedin?
        * am I in the video?
        * [...]

    * time and efficiency:
        * how to capture focus to prevent conflict over "efficiency" especially in self-guided work?:
            via KPI?
        * how to capture off-times?:
            can QSlinux help?
        * which stuff counts:
            * gettng stuff to eat + cooking + eating? [prob 30min in full time? or make proportional to full-day ... 1h/16 hours?]
            * waiting for? [esp when agreed to meet for example]
            * socializing/talking to random people about what they do?
        * how is educating captured and "billed"?:
            * ... possibly already captured in lower rate?
            * ... possibly half-rate?
        * [...]

    * use limitations:
        * (ties to #antirelease)
        * consider non-MIT licenses:
            * GPL
            * PPL / "copyfarleft"
        * consider "use transparency" clause / ("DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT"):
            * any current motives need to be disclosed
            * "whatever this is used for, up to X years after development, I need to be made aware"
        * consider selectively and pre-emptively oblige on ethical attributes:
            * "no right-wing", "no exploitation", etc
        * stories:
            * "later i found that the filter they were using to stop the kids from accessing porn on the school computers became the internet filter for the whole country"
            * "i took a job in computational linguistics doing a job similar to an engineer at babelfish ... turned out i was really developing spy tools for the government"

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