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    20190824 1606 writing
    20190824 1707 common overview
    20190828 overview <david

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*** LOG

¶ (agenda setting)

¶ (aimee: big census presentation)

"it's very time consuming"

got ~25% done
end might happen before end of year :)

you get interesting answers:
    * "person left, don't have login to our site"
    * wiki problems
        * user problem: people don't know that anyone can sign up and edit

idea: we could support, as delegates, to do something about "dead spaces"

(so, to deal with census "status reports")

¶ (site status overview) / sysadmin

g5pw: "pretty sure mediawiki account activations are solved"

sva: blacklists are problematic (site was not reachable in India) .... but seems solved!

a: "seems most login problems are user problems"

sva: mediawiki often doesnt work well with emails
let's test that!!!

  (improving the site)

d: let's have a semaphore about what's going on !!!

g: "we don't really have an avenue for people signalling us problems" !!!

a: let's make an FAQ for the site:
    creating account
put it on the index site !!!

what's going on with the mailing list ???
-> seems to work now finally.

sva: the question is whether this is:
    A) community-maintaned ... so to defer all to common channels ...
    B) have a "entry address" ... in this case be vary of creating an "insider group"

a: could call it "community support" ?

change "login troubles" link to our own page (not external)

+jomat is here :)

* Check FAQ for login issues !!!

* Check mailing lists/contact info @g5pw - "general inquiry"

* Make link "Login troubles" to own page !!!

* easterhegg meeting presentation

  idea to make a "geekend" (hackathon) to do work for the page.

    ccc could cover some of the costs
    we already looked for places
    (??? link please >sva)

  ccc might try to take over hackerspaces.org

"anky" (or "ankie" or? ... tovo?) has the domain

if that happens:
    * writing a statutes/chater would be good
    * sanity check: could CCC influence future charters, decisions about new subdomains, etc

g: "what should we do with the site"?

"there was a spaceapi meetup yesterday"

a: "we killed a taiwan hotel that added itself to the list"

g: "let's work on the software page" ... want more "how to hackerspace" contents

  CONTENT -- let's make a "pages that need attention" page !!!

  d: what are some hs.org stories? what is it good for?


    what is the site good for? isn't it a bit boring actually?
    there's no more call ins or something that would seem exciting / interactive

    * d:
        going to places, it's cool to see the spaces there
    * sva:
        general world scene overview is a cool part
        "in indonesia it seems really cool"
    * [...] !!!

map issues are still there
sva: somebody wanted to do something about it at easterhegg???
think it's mostly done ???

(forming wiki schema = preparing for the next census)

    organisational models
    financial stories

"our own ethnographic model"

(idea: have pad.hackerspaces.org)

david might spin this up as part of https://pad.land !

(policy about subdomaining)
    "free reign" - if you want to do it, do it
    !!! we have to rethink this
    >g : give me pad.hackerspaces.org though

("controversial" idea: use spaceapi for the map!)

so: do we want to, perhaps long-term, merge the projects ???

g: this would solve map issues
g: would need to cross-check with current list
might try this !!!

do: have a static version of json externally generated to have space.api map

spaceapi has 3 months open meeting ... mostly orga guys come
let's try this

(mission statement)

so, we want to support:
    * documentation of existing spaces
    * the incubation of new spaces
    * [...]

unique challenges (and metrics)

(can we more actively support new spaces?)

(lack of content on difference between types)

(hackerspace vs makerspace vs ...)

sva: stamping system:
    people can "stamp" content/spaces
    = give their opinions about what it is

at the moment you can only select one space type
>g change this !!! (to multi-select possibility)

(g : should we integrate with spaceapi?)

g "provocative questions":
    should we delegate, "outsource" the list to spaceapi?
    should we integrate this two lists? (and drop our own, eventually?)

a: have better template support
d: yes, shape a "questionnaire" together

g: let's render the page name to appear more on top!

good at rendering calendars !
tim @spaceapi channel

sustainability of these meetings

there is some momentum, but we need to keep it !

  regular irc meetup @ every 8th of the month !!!

  make: protocol for events !!!


    * announce on mailing list (anyone can do it)
    * change IRC channel topic
    * have a index of whole pod (=instance of pad server)
    * announce pad, have >5 people there ;-)
    * [...]

(end of meeting: participants overview the pad)

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