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How to get to X in Lanzarote by bus

* Also see 🔗manual, for info on how to reach Mala in North

* Basic info:


Updated 20191109.


    Leave airport downstairs, turn right, there it is
    Take bus #23 directly to Arrecife Estacion Guagua.
    There's not many other buses so you can't really miss it.
    You don't need to change at Intercambiador. Lucky you!

    Continue below.


    * Take bus to Arrecife from Airport:
        leave airport downstairs, turn right, there it is
        bus no #22 or something like that to Arrecife

    * You are now on Arrecife Intercambiador ... an intermediate station

    * Take bus to "Arrecife Estacion Guagua":
        ~1km away
        bus no #3, talk to the driver to stop there

    * Cross the road to the main bus station:
        there is an info desk there
        also, there's information displays
        also, the buslines are outside and marked
        also, talk to other people

    __________ You reached main bus station ! ___________

    * Check timetable Arrecife - La Santa #16 (or some other destination on Lanza):
        Also ask what goes to "Mancha Blanca"

    * Get out at the right station. You have to press STOP:
        Talk to the driver at the beginning & they'll help you out.


3 projects (Totalism, Middlemachine, CHT) & the big picture

Also see 🔗puzzles !

    1) TOTALISM:
        "[a dynamic towards] consistent and consequential systematization of all knowledge"
        == rough compendium & strategy of knowledge and action that has not yet really reached its final form

        ... the substrate neccesary to do that
        aka "replacement for text + the way science is practicesed ("articles in journals, conferences, academia as the production appartus, etc")
        == ~ a startup company (since 2010)
        == ~ a software (since 2009 at least ... more like 2004)
        == "a collection of software and behaviours related to ideation - execution - publication"

        ... production apparatus for #2 and #1
        == "cannot be done in either a company/startup, NGO, inside academia (and perhaps within the artworld)":
        == this is a new institutional type, on the same level as the above

What is an "insititution", in this sense?
    * provides subsistence (usually with paying you money)
    * provides tools, co-accomplices, [...]
    * develops and maintains its own name recognition
    * [...]

Why "Totalism"?

* "Totalism" is a postminimalist music compositional style
(and David's favourite).

* "But it sounds like totalitarianism!"
Also see Laibach and concept of "overidentification".

* "totalism" bad, while "holism" or "wholism" good?
    * why can "holism" be https://www.verywellmind.com/thmb/FYb0leXIzYEv3olFZtOVei4EURE=/768x0/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/smiling-woman-talking-and-gesturing-in-group-therapy-session-922709486-0aa9d11ae7ab490ba1a9ffe18f655d55.jpg
    as coming from "whole"
    * ... but then "totalism" must be something menacing, coming from "total"

    whole -> holism -> wholitarianism
    total -> totalism -> totalitaranism
    ... human -> humanism -> humanitarianism
    wtf do these morphological constructions imply ??? ###

### !!!
Also see TOTALISM🔗media-eldiario !


"Your project is "INTERESTING", "I want to know more" → [so I will ask a lot of questions]

Thank you! You will be asked to substantiate that interest immediately.

What's at the end of best-possible answers to these questions?
What's possible? What are we perforning with this conversation?

### moved out → 🔗X-antiinteresting

Engagement with local people


    Hi fellow hackbase dwellers!
    i'm curious if anybody has stories of integrating hackbases into surrounding communities?
    any projects that involve anybody locals, or not so global parties maybe
    ... or do you think of such projects more in terms of self-sufficient systems?

    the reports/notes i've seen from hackbases so far convey an idea of hackbases as kind of pods, scratching their own itchand have less to say about engagement with local communities or building onesis this a natural route for emerging systems, my skewed perception or... curious to hear out any ideas :)
    i'm curious about the engagement aspect at any and all bases - i've checked out your projects, seen some from astralship... and i guess that's it so farcool, i'll be checking out the refs



CHT which I represent ( @ totalism.org ):
    1) maintains good relations with locals, more and more also as my spanish improves.
    2) but i am very cynical about "communities".

so you can take this as a personal anti-focus and a personal, and also CHT's direction
it's not my priority at all to serve the needs of the local village, or whatever
CHT is, insofar as it works, a globally focused project.
in this sense:
    I am happy to hang out with the people here, share time together, go catch some fish, feed their rabbits, advise them about some internet scam they got involved in trying to buy an iphone on instagram
    what I want to focus on is experimenting with and documenting infrastructure,
    writing theory, specs and code
    in the mid and long term i am interested In assisting left-political goals worldwide: i am interested in Bernie, Corybn, Venezuela, and on the other side, the horrible shit that's happening in Poland or Hungary or Brasil.
    i am less interested in teaching random local kids from a random village to solder
    if you want to raise some bizarre objection how that is "colonialist", tell that to the Spanish conquistadors of the 15th century who genocided the local population
    I'm here for a number of reasons, including my friends, the locals, who are fine people
    but i am not here for them

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